31 New Texas/Red Dirt Tunes Worth Adding to Your Playlist

We’re off to a great year of music in 2020!  If you haven’t been able to keep up with it all so far, no worries, we’ve got your covered!  Here are all the tunes we’ve added to our TMP Spotify Playlist so far this year.


Aubrie Sellers – Haven’t Even Kissed Me Yet

Austin Meade – Happier Alone

Cody Hibbard – Just for the Record

Cody Hibbard – Dying Breed

Cody Hibbard – Nothing New

Curtis Grimes – River Road Dream

Dolly Shine – Stay

Drew Fish Band – Every Damn Time

Giovannie and the Hired Guns – Stay

Hannah Kay – Baby I

Jake Bush – What Are You In For?

Joey Greer – Two Steps Away

Joey Greer – Old Habits

Joey Greer – Can’t Outrun the Thought of You

John Baumann – Love’s a Word I Never Throw Around

Jordan Nix – Bye Bye

Josh Grider & Drew Kennedy – Here’s to Friends

Kody West – Alone

Kolby Cooper – By Your Side

Kolby Cooper – I Can’t Fly

Kolton More & the Clever Few – What’s Coming Next

Logan Samford – I’m Your Fool

Logan Samford – Good Lies

Pecos & the Rooftops – Leave Me Lonely

Randall King – Hey Cowgirl

Read Southall Band – Stickin’ & Movin’

The Panhandlers – This Flatland Life

Wes Davis and the Highwater – Cold Beer

Wynn Williams – Smoldering Fire

Wynn Williams – F.M. 1885

Zach Bryan – Rest, Rose


You can find all of these tunes and many more here on our TMP Spotify Playlist:

Author: Chris Fox

Music addict, a sucker for heartbreak songs, and avid Houston sports fan! I'am also the Editor-in-Chief of Texas Music Pickers.

1 thought on “31 New Texas/Red Dirt Tunes Worth Adding to Your Playlist

  1. Howdy Chris,

    Buddy, All I write about is heartbreak, heartache, achy-breaky hearts, and stuff like that, because that’s all I’ve ever known for most of my blessed life on this planet. I also wrote a trucker song since I was a trucker and songs about my girfriend’s aunt’s since they made such a profound impression on me and songs about my kids since they’ve been such a major influence upon me, etc, etc, etc.
    I’ve been playing in and around Austin (And Houston, and Dallas, and…) for going on three decades now and I can’t get anybody’s attention. I was a top 1500 finisher out of over 500,000 entries in the Country category in Billboard’s World song contest in 2007. All of that aside I have a killer album made right here in Austin by mostly Austin and Texas musicians(All my friends) and up until very recently I was almost always the No.1 listened to Country Music singer-songwriter on Reverbnation in the Austin and Greater Texas market. I’m still the Number one listened to Country Music singer-songwriter on NumberOneMusic.com here in Austin and I don’t even advertise or manage that account! It’s free…I don’t pay a dime for that site. So, why doesn’t anyone mention me, play my music, or give me any press? For what it’s worth, thanks for listening to my plight. I really appreciate it! I was just curious…

    Happy Trails,

    Rikki Todd

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