34 New Texas/Red Dirt Songs To Add To Your Playlist

Here are the 34 songs we’ve added to our TMP Spotify Playlist the last few weeks!  You can find them, and many more here on our TMP Spotify Playlist


Cody Johnson – Where Cowboys are King, Ain’t Nothin To It

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, CoJo released the full-length album giving us even more solid country gold. These two tracks have been playing in my head and in my speakers since their release. Ain’t Nothin’ To It has such a solid storyline with a catchy chorus that you can’t help but sing along to. Where Cowboys are King is as classic as country can get and is a fun celebration of cowboy culture. -Christina

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Aaron Watson – “Kiss That Girl Goodbye”

Aaron Watson just released “Kiss That Girl Goodbye”, the lead single from his upcoming album Red Bandana! Much like Watson’s past lead singles, this one is an uptempo, boot stomper! Written after Watson talked with a fan at one his concerts who had been stood up, this track debuted at #1 on our Texas Music Spotify Chart and has stayed at the top for the last 3 weeks! – Chris

Extra Info:  New Album Coming


Hayes Carll – “Be There”

Hayes Carll’s new album is high on the list of things I am really looking forward to this year and this new track “Be There” is only getting me more excited! My ears are loving the new sound elements Carll incorporates along with his honest and thought-provoking lyrics. His distinctive voice has the ability to tell any story well and his songs totally mellow me. February will be huge for Carll who makes his Grand Ole Opry debut and then releases his new album “What It Is” on 2/15! -Christina

Extra Info: New Album Coming 2/15


Flatland Cavalry – “Pretty Women”, “Sleeping Alone”, “Ashes”, “Back to Me”, & “Come Back Down”

“Homeland Insecurity” is of my favorite album reviews to date and is an exceptional new project just released by Flatland Cavalry. These songs- their sound and their lyrics have such a depth to them and trigger all sorts of emotions making for quite the listening experience. Flatland really further developed their unique style with the tracks’ production and these four tracks are ones we keep going back to. Said it once and I’ll say it again…put another score on the board for the Humble Folks! -Christina

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Bart Crow – “Wheels”

Bart Crow dropped a new tune last Friday and we’re definitely digging it!  We love the catchy tempo, relatable message, and toe-tapping chorus.  “Wheels” has already racked up 15K streams on Spotify and debuted in the Top 20 of Texas Music Spotify Chart this Tuesday!


Read Southall – “Wild Than the Rest”, “Don’t Tell Me”, & “Moon and Back”

Read Southall puts on one hell of a show and his new live album captures that perfectly! It’s fun, it’s rowdy, and a good mixture of old songs, new ones, and covers! Here are a couple of our favorites! – Chris

Extra Info: New Live Album


Zane Williams – “My Own Little Corner of the World”

Zane Williams never ceases to amaze me with his ability to paint such strong pictures through his words. The scenery, the people, the feelings are expressed so clearly, yet without the need for verbosity. The song is intimate, colorful, and makes you feel so warm inside. Williams’ cuts above the fear, obstacles, and sensationalism that often plague our mind and news cycle, and reminds us to be thankful for what we have in our “own little corner of the world”. – Chris


Sean McConnell – “Greetings From Niagra Falls”

Sean McConnel always has a way with words. He’s poetic, articulate, and I could listen to those vocals all day long! We can’t wait for the full album to drop next month! – Chris

Extra Info: New Album coming Feb. 8th


Rob Baird – “After all” & “Burning Blue”

I always admire the risks Rob Baird takes and his lack of fear to push and bend genres. Baird has always ridden somewhere in between country and Americana, but no project ever sounds the same as another one. You have some idea, but you never really know what to fully expect. I always appreciate the way the Austin, TX native keeps me in on my toes. Of the 10 track project, these two are our favorites! – Chris

Extra Info: New Album


Kolby Cooper – “Tired”

Kolby Cooper had one hell of a 2018, and he’s coming out swinging already this year! We dig the edgy vibe and relatability of newly released “Tired” and word has it, he has a whole new album on the way! Considerating that the song has already racked up 60K streams in the first 3 weeks of its release, we’d say big things are ahead for the 19-year-old Palestine, Tx native! – Chris

Extra Info: New Album Coming


Triston Marez – “Where Rivers Are Red and Cowboys are Blue”, “That Was All Me”, & “Dizzy”.

Triston Marez sure knows how to capture the heart and the ear! This up and comer just keeps delivering solid classic country tunes and we know big things are in store for him. “Where Rivers are Red and Cowboys are Blue” takes you back with a classic 90s country like sound and it’s imagery takes you even further. Marez slows things down with the romantic track “Dizzy” while “That Was All Me” is a fun two-stepper. This EP offers solid variety! -Christina

Extra Info: New Album


Adrian Johnston – Honky Tonk Wife

Adrian Johnston’s new single “Honky Tonk Wife” is straight from the heart! We love the passionate delivery and powerful vocals. How can you not love a good waltz? – Chris



Charlie Shafter – “Leave Her Wild”

I was hooked by the first line of this track and it is unapologetically my favorite song from Charlie Shafter’s new project “When I was Yours & You Were Mine”. Shafter uniquely conveys a message that speaks to the heart. Everything from the lyrics to the tempo to the instrumentation aligns perfectly to make quite a story that you will want to hear over and over again. -Christina

Extra Info: New Album


Jordan Robert Kirk – “Hi Ho Rita”

While listening through several potential playlists adds, Jordan Robert Kirk’s “Hi, Ho, Rita” immediately stuck out. With a distinctive sound and Kirk’s boisterous baritone, the track quickly captures your attention and holds it all the way through. This one is unique, fun, and refreshing! – Chris

Extra  Info: New Album


Hayden Haddock – “Don’t Bother Calling”

Newcomer Hayden Haddock just released his debut EP! The current College Station resident is currently gearing up for his album release party next month at The Tap and we expect it to go off with a bang! Here’s our favorite track off of the newly released project! – Chris

Extra info: New EP


Cory Johnson –  “Deadly Love”

I quite literally stumbled upon Cory Johnson hanging out in Austin, TX one day. His recently released EP “Museum of Letdown” is one to check out! “Deadly Love” is our favorite with its edgy guitar riffs, dark lyrics, and solid jamming beat. Good news folks…this Americana singer-songwriter says there’s even more new music on the way so stay tuned! -Christina

Extra Info: New EP


Zac Clifton – “Drinkin’ Way of Life”& “Talk to the Healer”

Zac Clifton’s debut EP “Honky Tonk Heaven” talked straight to my soul. His classic country sound is exactly what’s missing from music right now! We love his old school sound and are impressed by how well it all comes together – especially for a 17-year-old! This someone to keep your eye on! Here are two of our favorites from the new album! – Chris

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Sal – “Goin’ to Lubbock”

I saw Sal perform up in Steamboat at the MusicFest’s Dung Beetle Saloon Open Mic. He sure impressed me and the crowd with his vocal talents! This song “Goin’ to Lubbock” is our favorite from his recently released EP “April”. I love the edgy rawness in his style and this song has a fun classic beat to it. Can’t wait to hear more from this singer-songwriter! -Christina

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New Radio Singles Added:

Cody Jinks – “Somewhere Between I Love You and I’m Leavin’

Cory Morrow – “Top of My Heart”

Mike Ryan – “Other Side of the Radio”

Bri Bagwell – “Cheat On Me”

Curtis Grimes – “Had a Thing”

Jason Eady – “I Lost My Mind In Carolina”

Clay Hollis – “Heard Headed Heart”

You can find them, and many more here on our TMP Spotify Playlist

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