48 New Texas/Red Dirt Songs Worth Adding to Your Playlist

Here are the new tunes we’re currently digging and have recently added to our TMP Spotify Playlist!


Austin English – Heartache in a Small Town

Braxton Keith – Honky Tonk Crowd

Carson Jeffrey – High Tonight

Carson Jeffrey – Ranch Girl Dream

Cody Hibbard – Half Whiskey, Half Lonely

Cody Jinks – Think Like You Think

Cody Jinks – Same Kind of Crazy as Me

Chris Colston – Bonnie & Clyde

Dalton Domino – I Still See You

Dos Borachos – Barroom Buddies

Dos Borachos – Salt

Grant Gilbert – Held on To

Grant Gilbert – I’m Buying

Hannah Kay – Hurt Song

Holly Beth – Torn

Holly Tucker – You’re Gonna Know My Name

Holly Tucker – Just Some Guy

Jacob Stelly – Time to Kill

Jade Marie Patek – Soulshine

Jerrod Flusche – Fan the Flames

Jody Booth – Don’t Let Her Go

Jody Booth – Gotta Go Back to Work

Jon Stork – Facts and Lies

Jon Stork – Another Town

Kensie Coppin – It’s the Rain

Kevin Fowler – She’s Growing On Me

Kevin Fowler – Heaven

Kolby Cooper – Leave Me My Heart

Kolby Cooper – Tom Petty

Kolby Cooper – Coming Home

Kolby Cooper – They Don’t Love Me Back

Kyle Park – Every Day Kind of Love

Logan Samford – Lovin’ for the Last Time

Logan Samford – In it for You

Micky & the Motorcars – Road to You

Mike Ryan – Dear Country Music,

Parker McCollum – Pretty Heart

Ragland – Love, Liquor, & a Place to Die

Slade Coulter – Walk Back Home

Tanner Usrey – Beautiful Lies

Triston Marez – Wish I Could Dance

Whiskey Myers – Bury My Bones

Whiskey Myers – Houston County Sky

Whiskey Myers – Kentucky Gold

Wynn Williams – Tornado

Zach Bryan – Flying or Crying

Zach Bryan – God Speed

Zach Bryan – Shivers Down Spines

Zach Bryan – Heading South

Author: Chris Fox

Music addict, a sucker for heartbreak songs, and avid Houston sports fan! I'am also the Editor-in-Chief of Texas Music Pickers.

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