6 Up-And-Comers Who are Killing it on Spotify with 14 Songs or Less

Here are 6 up-and-coming artists in our scene that killing it on Spotify!  If they’re not on your radar, it’s time to add them!


Kolby Cooper – 157K Monthly Listeners on Spotify 

Kolby Cooper has quickly become one of the fastest rising acts in the scene.  He’s only released 11 songs to date and has already amassed nearly 8 million combined streams with 3 songs in the 7 digits.  He’s been picked up by Red 11, now headlining midcap rooms and pulling in a couple of hundred people per show, and he’s about to drop his first full-length album in a few weeks.  We’ve been fortunate to hear the upcoming project, and we think it’s going to turbocharge the rocket ship ride he’s already on.  



Triton Marez – 52K Monthly Listeners on Spotify

It’s been pretty impressive to see what this kid has accomplished over the last few months and with only 9 songs to date. He already has over a million combined steams and 7 songs in the six digits. It seems he’s become one of the go-to openers for many of the neo-traditional acts (Josh Ward, Jon Wolfe, Randall King) and has just announced a tour alongside the former frontman of Shotgun Rider, Logan Samford.  Word has it he has more tunes on the way, and we fully expect his momentous journey to continue. 



Dylan Wheeler – 39K Monthly Listeners on Spotify

Dylan Wheeler gained a little bit of traction with his debut EP last year, but his new single, “Broke A$$ Kid” is really starting to get the ball rolling for him.  He’s been hanging around the Top 15 of our Texas Music Spotify chart since the song released and it’s already become his most streamed song and it hasn’t even been out a few months yet.   We’re starting to see the fans sing along on his social media videos and he’s no doubt starting to turn some heads.  He will definitely be one to keep your eye on going forward. 



Chris Colston – 26K Monthly Listeners on Spotify

With only 5 songs, Chris Colston has already topped 1 million combined streams (3 of those in the 6 digits)  has been signed by Red 11 Music, and picked up with Big Blind Management (Randy Rogers & Robin Schoepf).  He’s touring all across the region, snagging festival bills and opening for all of the big dogs on our scene!  Word has it he has new tunes coming and we think he’s going to hit the ground running once they drop!



Giovannie & the Hired Guns 22K Monthly Listeners on Spotify

Giovannie & the Hired Guns have been steadily building since releasing their debut album in 2017.  While 3 of those songs have amassed 6 digits worth of streams, we think it’s his newest song “Rooster Tattoo” that’ll be his biggest song on the platform to date!  We’ve heard a preview of a some of the other things coming from the band, and they are no doubt stepping up their game from their first project.  They starting to gain some solid touring momentum and were recently signed to Red 11 Music!



Kaitlin Butts – 17K Monthly Listeners on Spotify

Kaitlin Butts came out with guns blazing with her debut album “Same Hell, Different Devil” back in 2015.   With 6 songs in the six digits and well over a million combined streams she’s toured all across the region and amassed quite the social media following. After a 4 year gap from releasing any new studio cuts, Butts is back!   With her new single, “White River” receiving rave reviews and already at 50K streams, it certainly has us anxiously awaiting to see what else she has in store!


Author: Chris Fox

Music addict, a sucker for heartbreak songs, and avid Houston sports fan! I'am also the Editor-in-Chief of Texas Music Pickers.

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