8 New Songs from Artists Worth Putting on Your Radar

Here are 8 songs from emerging artists (<1K followers on Spotify) worth putting on your radar.  You can also find all of these songs, and more, here on our TMP Spotify Playlist


Drew Moreland – God & Cash

The Quick Rundown:  Good gritty Texas sound, rugged vocals, bluesy instrumentation, interesting story, chorus rounds it all off



Cody Sparks – 13 Folds

The Quick Rundown: Powerful and patriotic, sentimental, moving, bold vocals with a touch a twang, love the accent the fiddle provides



Hunter Hathcoat – I Don’t Care

The Quick Rundown: Lively energy, driving rhythm, smooth vocals, love the punch the chorus, complete overall sound



Reverend’s Daughter – Down Here in Texas

The Quick Rundown:  A southern rock edge, toe-tapper, hot guitar licks, crank this one up



Briana Adams – Gone

The Quick Rundown:  Powerful vocals, good energy, a toe-tapper, solid instrumentation



Colby Keeling – Why I Love this place

The Quick Rundown:  Instrumentation that pops off the track, catchy chorus, smooth sound, love the cadence and rhythm



Garrett Bryan – Deon, Delray, and Daddy

The Quick Rudown: Everything about this track is so original, it has a sound that stands out, unique songwriting, once the song reveals itself it doesn’t you let go


Dusty Neuman – Going Down to Austin

The Quick Rundown:  An infectious groove, airy vibe, love the instrumentation, gets in your bones


Author: Chris Fox

Music addict, a sucker for heartbreak songs, and avid Houston sports fan! I'am also the Editor-in-Chief of Texas Music Pickers.

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