All Aboard for Dalton Domino’s “Songs From a Train” Series

Dalton Domino recently announced his latest project, “Songs From a Train”, a weekly acoustic video series which will feature songs on his next album to be titled, “Songs From the Exile”.

The project sparked a few weeks ago when Domino released an acoustic video of the new track “Love is Dangerous”, a catchy tune that is fun to sing along to. An announcement was posted on his Facebook page the following week: “Every week I take the Amtrak from San Marcos to Dallas. I also have 42 new songs I’ve written. So every Thursday at 12pm central I’m gonna try to post an acoustic version of a new song up until I record another album.”

A video debuting the song, “ShadowLands”, was released the very next day and this one is a calming love song with words that just stay with you. I’ve literally had these videos on repeat. Yes, I go press ‘Watch Again’ every single time because they are THAT good. It’s not only the lyrics Domino writes for his songs, but also how he sings them that just capture you. And getting to experience the songs in the rawest acoustic form is the best part.

We chatted with Domino this week to learn more about the project, the new album, and his songwriting process. We all know that different musicians have different creative processes and it was interesting to learn that Domino’s creativity comes from using a more traditional process, sharing with us that he’s started treating songwriting like his day job. “I wake up every morning, make coffee, get to writing, and see how many I can write.” When asked about the stories behind the songs, Domino said, “I guess just songs about life,” revealing that this new record will have themes of coming home, family, change, love, and heartache. He told us he wrote a lot of these songs while going through stages of a breakup and when he had just gotten out of a relationship.

Fans will get to hear these new songs at shows, especially listening rooms, where Domino says he tries to play as many tunes as he can. If you’re wondering when the new album will be recorded, you’re just going to have to stay tuned. Domino shared, “…maybe this year or maybe next year. Whenever I feel like I’ve said all I need to say, I’ll take the songs to the studio.” He did give us a hint that musically, the new album will have a lot of steel and fiddle, similar to his first record, “1806”.

We can’t wait to hear how these songs will sound once they are recorded but until then, join us in keeping up with Domino’s “Songs From a Train” project here on Facebook and check out “ShadowLands” below.

Thanks, Dalton…with just 3 to 4 minutes, you’re making our Thursday’s a hell of a lot better! 








Author: Christina Ramirez

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