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zwZac Wilkerson’s soon-to-be-released, self-titled album brings a commanding influence of rock, folk, Motown, funk, and country. Mix that together with amazing instrumentation, then shower it with outstanding vocals and you have “Zac Wilkerson”. As a 30 year old, it’s hard for me to think I am able to fully appreciate how rare it is to hear the smoothness of the Lionel Richie and the edge of John Fogerty in a modern album, but Wilkerson amazingly blends his musical backgrounds, adds his own modern flavor, and composes an album that’s sure to please Classic Rock, Roots Rock, and Soul coinsures alike.

As the current single “Middle of the Night” came through the speakers of my truck, it gave me the first indication of what kind of talent I was in for. A deep baseline, and full harmonies on the chorus, it brought me back to the bands my parents played as I grew up, like Three Dog night and The Who, yet it had its own modern style to it. It immediately set the tone and I couldn’t wait to see what the rest of the album had in store.

As the 2nd and 3rd track on the album “Poor Man’s Blues” and “As Long As I Don’t Lose You” came on, I instantly heard the grit Credence. Bringing a mixture of classic American rock and new roots rock, Wilkerson once again showcased his fantastic vocals, and gave me an insatiable urge to dance.zw2

The album then slowed down with “Pieces”. It’s classically melodic with elegant strokes of the guitar strings and piano keys, offering a song both graceful and spiritual. He shows of his poetic writing and gives an emotional vibe reminiscent of the Beatles’ “Let it Be”. This is our *PICK* of the album!

Wilkerson then sings of simplistic beauty in “Lane Highway”. It’s smooth, unassuming and lyrical. Giving off a classical, easy-listening vibe, it’s a song that makes you want to roll down the windows and cruise on peaceful Sunday afternoon.

“Lonely Together Tonight” encapsulates the smoothness and writing demonstrated by great singer/songwriters like Sean McConnell and Chris Stapleton. It brings a smooth sound full of powerful emotions. It’s a song that makes you want to lay on a bear rug in a log cabin in front of the fireplace with your loved one and just listen.

zw3The funk returns with “Muddy Waters” and it probably has my favorite part on the whole album. Wilkerson musters every bit of soul in him to sing “one night mama came home 50 shades of purple black and blue, well that dark haired man he’s a coward and that sweet baby knew” — that part alone makes the song worth checking out. It’s fast-paced, deep, and packed full of energy. It’s the track we’re most looking forward to at a live performance.

The record closes with “Love Rescued Me” a singer/songwriter ballad and probably the best vocal performance on the album. It’s an intimate introspection, and Wilkerson pays homage to his gospel roots as he tells a story of atonement.

Overall, we think the album is incredible! Top-notch production (Walt Wilkins), incredible music, skilled writing, and powerful vocals! It does an excellent job of bridging the greatness of the multiple genres and decades and presents an album with both a modern and classic sound. What more are you looking for?

The album is set to release on Oct 16th, be on the lookout!


Check out the current single below!





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CD Release Party – Hoot’s Pub

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