An Update on the TMP Input Committee

We sent a callout for applicants to be a part of our TMP Input Committee and just wanted to provide an update on it since we’ve been overjoyed by the initial response and clarify how this committee will be used in the future. 

When we do lists, competitions, awards etc…, we will rely on the input of this group of passionate and knowledgable Texas/Red Dirt fans and industry professionals to give us unbiased feedback, rank, submit and or score contestants, submissions, albums, songs etc…In fact, the committee is currently helping us rank our Top Albums of 2018 from Artists With <1K Spotify Followers. 

What this committee is: a way to garner unbiased feedback from a group of consumers and industry folks that reflects the opinions of the Texas/Red Dirt populous.  We often have lists, awards, contests etc…with a limited number of spots and while we sometimes reach out to folks outside our TMP team to help us when things get close, having a dedicated group like this, will ensure even more accuracy in the decision process. 
What this committee is not: a way to sway the scoring in favor of an artist someone is friends with, related to, or represent.  This is not something for artists to tell their fan bases to sign up for so it can help them and I plan to put some measures in place to ensure that. 
Our main goals are to ensure everyone is acting with integrity and transparency, that everyone is at least somewhat knowledgeable and informed on the Texas/Red Dirt scene, and providing unbiased feedback that can used as a general consensus for making decisions in regards to Texas/Red Dirt artists and music. Since we’ve launched this, we’ve already have a solid group of fans, booking agents, radio promoters, radio PD’s, talent buyers, artist managers, and festival organizers sign up (we’re completely blown away honestly), and we’re excited as all the things we can use this committee for going forward!  If we have a solid group of folks and are able to maintain integrity in the process, I think it could have some pretty cool implications going forward –and if TMP is doing our job correctly, a unique way to discover some new artists and music. 

When we need the input of the committee, we’ll send out links to videos, songs, albums etc…and a scoring, feedback, or ranking sheet, as well as a deadline.  While we will be privy to your feedback, no one else will be.  All feedback, scores, input, etc…will be kept anonymous.  You are not required to participate on every send out, but you are expected to contribute on at least a somewhat consistent basis. If you are a passionate and informed Texas/Red Dirt fan or industry professional and would like to be apart of the committee, fill out the form below. 

*Filling out the form does not guarantee admittance on to committee.  Each application will be reviewed by the TMP team to determine if the applicant meets the qualifications

*FYI: Because of the unanticipated amount of responses from our initial callout, and our goal to maintain its integrity, we have made the application process a little more rigorous and will probably continue to do so as the group grows….



Author: Chris Fox

Music addict, a sucker for heartbreak songs, and avid Houston sports fan! I'am also the Editor-in-Chief of Texas Music Pickers.

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