Artist Spotlight: Jordan Nix & The Day Drinkers + Song Premiere

Let us be the first to tell you if you haven’t been jamming to Jordan Nix and The Day Drinkers then you are definitely missing out! Their current single, “Gas Station Flowers”, is the first single released from the band and is easily one of our favorites of the year. About a month after releasing the track this past March, Jordan Nix’s songwriting and vocal talent championed him the winner of the Texas Country Music Cruise Battle for the Band at our Pickin’ & Peelin’ Music Festival. 

This Saturday, Nix and the band will release their first full-length project, “Happier Than Normal” and we could not recommend it more. Just like it’s lead single, the 10-track collection is fun, refreshing, and full of energy! It’s not often to come across an EP where every single track makes you want to press the repeat button on the first listen through. These tracks are just so heartfelt. You can tell this is a band that gives it all they’ve got!

Texas Music Pickers: Tell us a little bit about the band!

Jordan Nix: “What can be described as nothing other than luck, or destiny, or whatever you want to call it. Jordan Nix, Dane Farrington (Drums), and Robert Herrera (Electric) all got jobs selling gear at Guitar Center in College Station, TX. Jordan, Robert, and Dane (Drums) began playing duo and trio shows in College Station and the surrounding areas. After months of playing shows, working, and attending concerts and festivals together, the group decided that they wanted to really invest in their music. The three played their first show as Jordan Nix & The Day Drinkers in September of 2017. Shortly after, Myles Novak (Keys) and Rob White (Bass) joined the band to complete the group, and finish the sound the band had been looking for.

I grew up and now live back in Buffalo. We call College Station our home base though since that’s where we started and that’s a middle ground for all of us.


TMP: Who would you describe as your musical influences?  How about your style and sound?

Nix: “Our influences vary quite a bit depending on which member you ask. Sean McConnell, David Ramirez, Mike Ryan are big influences for me. The writing and wording and structure of songs is my favorite part of music, so I’m drawn to singer-songwriter stuff. My electric player (Robert)and drummer (Dane) have deep influences in rock and heavy metal. My bass player (Rob) is a Texas country and southern rock guy. And our piano player (Myles) listens to everything. He’s really into old blues instrumentals.

All that to say, we have very different backgrounds, but when we came together it kind of took on this form of a little bit of everything mixed. We just all pulled the best out of one another. We consider ourselves Americana with roots in southern rock. We have just been calling it “Rustic Rock”. I think we sound a little bit like a lot of people, but not too much like anyone in particular.”


TMP: “Betty Lou” and “Drunk” are two of our favorites off the new EP. Could you share the background and/or Inspiration for songs?

Nix: “Betty Lou is actually about my Grandmother, everything in the song is actually about her and her life. [It’s] my favorite song to listen to.

“‘Drunk’ has a [cool] story. My brother Josh is 8 years older than I am, so he has always been a huge teacher, inspiration, etc for me. When I was 15 or so he showed me a guy named David Ramirez, at this point just playing house shows and small venues. ‘Drunk’ was on his album American Soil that he released in 2009. When I was 16 my brother took me to watch David play at a small coffee shop. I have always thought that was one of the best songs I’ve ever heard and to this day will still put his version up against any sad song. I knew that the sad songs we kept for the album had to be absolutely killer so I decided to throw the Hail Mary and try to get ahold of David. Emails on Emails, a few months a couple of tweets later he responded and said he would love for us to cut the song and that is that. It was an honor to be able to cut a song written by someone who I admired so much growing up as a writer and musician. I hope we did the song justice.”


TMP: Could you share what the background of the album title and what are you hoping to accomplish with “Happier Than Normal”?

Nix: “I have released two solo EPs, but this is my first full-length project and my first project with a band. We released a single “Gas Station Flowers” off the album, and it really well for us. I really wanted this album to be different from my previous EP’s and not lean so much on darker, more sad songs. That’s why I went with bringing in other writers songs for the album. I didn’t want to hold anything back and really wanted the album to be upbeat and happier. My hopes for this album is that people would be able to listen and let loose a little. Windows down after a long day of work singing along with us. We also hope it can open the door for us to step on bigger stages and play our songs in front of more people. We have had some really cool opportunities presented to us (like the TMP Texas Country Music Cruise Battle for the Band, getting to open for the Powell Brothers last month, and our CD Release at The Tap) and we hope this can be another stepping stone to help us take our music as far as we can.”


The band will be celebrating the release of the EP on 9/4 at The Tap in College Station with Russell Boyd opening up as well as on 9/8 in Little Elm, TX with Trent Cowie…more details here. Grab your copy of “Happier Than Normal” this weekend and turn that dial all the way up…we guarantee you’ll be singing along in no time! Check out the band’s upcoming single “Betty Lou” below!






Author: Christina Ramirez

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