Braxton Keith Debuts EP “Neon Dreams”

Country wave-maker Braxton Keith releases his debut EP “Neon Dreams” tomorrow, Sept. 4th.

”Neon Dreams:”

  • Cold Hard Steel and Sand
  • Devil in Disguise
  • Drifter
  • Let Me Love You More
  • Memories Die
  • Neon Dreams


Singles “Make Up Your Mind” and “Honky Tonk Crowd” previously released in 2019, giving listeners an opportunity to wet their feet to Keith’s Marty Robbins style sound.

”Neon Dreams” EP was produced by PT Houston at Off The Row Studio in Nashville. Keith includes instrumentation from the keys, organ, and pedal steel among the traditional four piece band.

Keith’s unique tenor twang and grasp of baritone notes create a vocal roller coaster impossible not to sing along to. The control in vocal range is the focus while instrumentation, even with lead guitar and melody riffs, remains a harmonious accompaniment.

Tracks “Drifter” and “Let Me Love You More” are the heart-throbbers of this EP. “Drifter” is reminiscent of Cody Johnson vocals meets Brooks & Dunn dancehall composition. Right out the gate, lyrics “She don’t really love you, and she don’t care to try. And she’s been broken hearted one too many times” go straight for the achey breaky jugular while setting up a memorable melody for listeners.

“Memories Die,” “Devil in Disguise,” and “Neon Dreams” provide that honky tonk fix in a Country record. Heavy pedal steel adds Neo-Traditional elements to the two-stepping tunes while piano and organ hint at Margaritaville worthy playlist additions.

Our *PICK* off “Neon Dreams” is track “Cold Hard Steel and Sand.” Within the opening lines, listeners are hooked to true story telling, songwriting, and hypnotizing vocals. “Cold Hard Steel and Sand” was written in the Turkey, TX boot shop by Keith and panhandle poet Charlie Stout. Keith wanted a song about Midland and the oilfield without being outright with either topic. This outlaw troubadour track is a sure fan favorite and definite soundtrack to a West Texas desert picture.

I feel like I also have to add a short story about Mr. Braxton Keith. This young and dedicated songwriter came out to our 2020 TMP Seminar, played a few songs, and asked me a direct question to which I was bluntly honest in my opinion. Never has another artist made me eat my words— and for that, I’m sure this artist will continue to make major Country music waves in his career to follow. TMP will definitely be on that forward moving, steel grinding Braxton train.

You can support Braxton Keith by downloading his EP on Spotify and iTunes, and catch his release party tomorrow at Cook’s Garage in Lubbock with Texas Picker Tanner Usrey.




Author: Taylor Ashlynn

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