Carson Jeffrey’s New Release “Take Away This Pain” [SINGLE SPOTLIGHT]

Rising Texas Country artist Carson Jeffrey released his latest single “Take Away This Pain” today, May 29th.

The single was produced at Farmland Studios in Nashville by manager Alex Torrez and coproducer David Dorn.

Setting the tone, “Take Away This Pain” begins with a heavy acoustic lick and broken-hearted vocals from Jeffrey. Light hints of steel and lead guitars add dimension without overtaking the Texas Country staple sound. Percussion is strategically used in this single for added impact at the chorus and various hit points.

“This song is about seeing that one person you don’t want to see every night on your phone having the time of their life while you’re at home heartbroken over them,” Jeffrey said. The chorus explains the yearning of wanting to move on with lyrics “oh and take it away, I don’t want to see her face. I don’t want to hear her name.”

Jeffrey tells that heartbreak story we’ve experienced a time or two in this new age of social media. It’s hard to escape a lost love that continuously appears on your phone screen. He explains in the song even if he went out and found “another strangers arms,” it’d be in vain because “when the morning come, [he]’d still have a broken heart.”

Jeffrey’s Neo-Traditional meets Texas Country sound and witty use of relatable lyrics has him steadily on the rise in this music scene. It’s a tall order to follow his high-charting single “Ranch Girl Dream,” but we’re confident “Take Away This Pain” will pull at listener’s heartstrings with the same tenacity.

You can stream “Take Away This Pain” on iTunes and Spotify, as well as on our TMP Spotify Playlist.






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