Chris Colston’s New EP Has “Gone” & Blown Us Away!

Chart climber Chris Colston rapidly jumped from #24 to #7 on our TMP Spotify Chart with his single “Gone.” His new EP also titled “Gone” is a four-song story of growth and pain, sure to tug at your heart strings. “Gone: EP” debuts this Friday!


The EP is comprised of:
  1. Long Way Around
  2. Back Again
  3. Gone
  4. I Will


Produced by Chad Maulden at KSIJ Studios, the EP’s central theme is growth over pain. It’s a story from start to end about someone who has been through heart ache, put up with addiction, and has decided to be the best version of themselves. It’s safe to say that Colston personally touches the emotions we have all suppressed at one time in our lives.

“We put a lot of hard work into this record,” Colston told TMP. “I finally found my sound, who I want to be and how I want to represent myself as an artist.” Although most musicians write therapeutic albums about their personal lives, Colston creates a cathartic compilation of healing in this EP. For him, it’s more than just a few songs and popularity.

“The EP is like a mixture of my whole life,” Colston said. “It’s one big blend, and I’ve put it all together in four songs. This is me, my sound, who I am. I’m here and I’m here to stay.”

Songs like “Back Again” and “Gone” reflect how it feels to be in unhealthy, yet powerful relationships. “Everybody knows someone who breaks up & gets back together,” Colston said. “It’s no good and wastes both their times. This is for anybody who may be going through that feeling of hoping the other person doesn’t come back around, because they can’t help themselves if they do.” Colston talked freely about how real of a thing this situation is for many people.

As for the song “I Will,” it’s a 180 from the hurt and aching throughout the EP. “I Will” is the turning point, the decision to be the person you know you can be for someone. The song expresses the promises of how to love properly and intensely, all-the-while Colston’s voice is soothing to the ears. “I’ve always wanted to write a song with a Marvin Gaye kind of feel,” Colston said. “With some runs from my voice and my acoustic guitar, I tried to make the song different. When I hit that last run, it’s real soft and ending the story with a soul touch. I call it my soul song.”

Whether it’s Colston’s “soul song” or his heart-jabbing country rock vibes, this album is a definite to download. We at TMP are really expecting great things to come from a musician way beyond his years. Colston reminds us, “who knows where I’ll be in 10-20 years?” We hope to be right there experiencing the magic with him.

You can listen to “Gone” on our TMP Spotify Playlist and pre-order “Gone: EP” on iTunes now!






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Mar. 3: The Tap with Shotgun Rider — College Station
Mar. 10: Neon Moon — Yantis
Mar. 13: Blind Pig Pub — Austin
Mar. 16: Love and War in Texas — Plano
Mar. 22: The Back Porch Outdoor Stage — Kilgore
Mar. 24: Love and War in Texas — Lindale
Mar. 29: The Rodair Roadhouse with Tyler Dudley — Port Arthur
Mar. 31: Lola’s Saloon with Kody West — Fort Worth

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