Chris Colston’s “Gone” & Released A New Single

If you don’t know who Chris Colston is, you better get on it while you can. Colston released his new single “Gone” Feb. 7th at midnight during a live performance for TMP’s #TexasCountryTuesdays at the Tap in College Station. We expect it to be a real banger.

With vocals similar to a raspier Cody Johnson twang, “Gone” is a heavy electric guitar, heavy feels song. The single has all the makings of a chart-climber. Colston was inspired to write “Gone” after listening to Hootie & The Blowfish’s “Let Her Cry” about dealing with addiction. “I wanted to write a song about somebody dealing with addiction like that,” Colston said. “That kind of stuff right there hits people hard.”

In the single, Colston describes being in love with someone addicted to alcohol/drugs and the pain it takes to walk away. He explains sometimes the best choice is to be “gone,” taking care of yourself at the end of the day. Lyrics “I should have listened to all my friends, but baby I was pulling for you to win” are a representation of how hard it is to stand by the side of someone you love who loves addiction a little bit more.

I told you I was running out of second chances to throw your way,
And baby when leaving was the smartest choice I chose to stay.
But you won’t remember me tucking you in, brushing your hair out of your face
‘Cause tomorrow morning the buzz from the whiskey and the pills go away.


Whether it’s addiction or just something you can’t take anymore, “Gone” is a relatable and strong single. Colston’s live performances are also something you need to listen to. The guy just has the “it” factor: young buck facade, smooth vocals, and lyrics that lure you in. We’re sure he’ll be a fast-growing artist, so be sure to get out to see his intimate shows while they’re available.

Check out Chris Colston, along with Koe Wetzel, Feb. 15th at Banita Creek, Nacogdoches and Feb. 16th at Cowboys, Tyler. Colston’s also been asked to play at SXSW, Austin for an acoustic show on Mar. 13th, as well as the Larry Joe Taylor Fest on April 27th.

Let’s help this up-and-coming star rise on the music charts by asking your favorite local and online radio stations to play “Gone.” You can listen to “Gone” and more on our TMP Spotify Playlist, too.





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