Cody Barnett’s Notes Speak For Themselves in Debut EP

We just had to take a deeper dive into this project from Oklahoma native, Cody Barnett, who recently released his debut self-titled EP! The record was produced by Mike McClure in Ada, Oklahoma and Barnett now joins Boohatch Studio’s roster of recording artists including Turnpike Troubadours, The Damn Quails, and Kaitlin Butts. The tracks were mixed by Trent Bell and mastered by Hans DeKline.

This EP is a collection full of solid sound, y’all. Barnett’s vocals are sanded smooth with grit and are full passion. He’s an artist who tells us a story with his lyrics but especially does so with his musical notes. With rock heavy songs to jam to and Americana soul sing-along’s, each of the seven tracks delivers something new, Barnett’s talent is consistent throughout making this one impressive debut EP.

I was captivated within the first 30 seconds of listening to Barnett’s vocals on the track, “Cherokee Blood”. Written by Lee Ribby, this one “is a song for what you would say to your father when he was gone…kind of an “I wish I would have said this sooner” song to your father,” Barnett shared with TMP. “Back in Birmingham” is another must-listen-to track and will have you singing along in no time.

Barnett gives you a chilling new sound and story with tracks such as “Blood Moon”, loaded with minor notes, organ instrumentals, and symbolic lyrics. “[I] wrote it thinking of just being a family man and working to provide for the family. The struggle to keep fighting or move on and live an easier life. The ‘blood moon’ rising signifies a change in perception on what matters/instinct…” Barnett shared with TMP.

Our *PICK* of the album is the addicting bluesy rock track, “Can’t Let Go”, in which Barnett compares the love of a woman to a drug. Barnett says that the heavy love song is also his favorite from the EP, “…because it’s the first song I’ve written for someone I love. First real love. Fighting and arguing but realizing we only do because of the depth of our love. And how no matter how bad it got I couldn’t let go and neither of us wanted to. Our love was like a drug…even though you knew it was bad it was stronger than the fighting,” Barnett described.

The notes in this album speak for themselves. Dive into these tracks this weekend and let us know what you think! Check out the full EP on Spotify below.




Author: Christina Ramirez

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