Cody Jinks Continues to Turn Listeners in to “Lifers” [Album Spotlight]

A few weeks before his own highly anticipated music festival, Cody Jinks’ album “Lifers” releases Fri, Jul. 27th.


  1. Holy Water
  2. Must Be the Whiskey
  3. Somewhere Between I Love You and I’m Leavin’
  4. Lifers
  5. Big Last Name
  6. Desert Wind
  7. Colorado
  8. Can’t Quit Enough
  9. 7th Floor
  10. Stranger
  11. Head Case


In Jinks’ new Rounder Records debut, “Lifers” is riddled with intense steel guitar, gritty vocals and heavy hitting lyrics. It’s exactly the album we longed for in Jinks’ return. “Lifers” checks off all the boxes: sad breakup songs, fast two-stepping tunes, reflective pieces and bad-ass bar bangers.

Throughout the quick tempo tracks, lyrical progression keeps pace over the steady drumbeats. Songs like “Holy Water,” “Must Be the Whiskey,” “Big Last Name” and “Can’t Quit Enough” have you on your toes, ready to skid up a dance floor. These tracks contain something wicked in the steel guitar and demanding in the keyboard solos, yet the longer notes in the vocals have you glued to Jinks’ every word.

Also among the dancing songs is the album title track “Lifers.” This song is exactly the kind of outlaw story we crave from Jinks. It’s a declaration of greatness, both in instrumental and lyrical qualities. Jinks sings “here’s to the last of the great generation, it seems they still dream.”

Comprising the other half of “Lifers” are the slower, reflective songs like “Somewhere Between I Love You and I’m Leavin’,” “Desert Wind,” “Colorado,” “7th Floor” and “Stranger.” In no way are these all calm tracks. They’re still that “loud and heavy” kind of gruesomeness speckled throughout. “Stranger” has a psychedelic vibe in its instrumental build which totally revolves centering you with your own thoughts. “Colorado” is a more neo-traditional sound reminiscent of something Randy Travis would write to break our hearts.

A mixture between both two-step worthy and meditative tunes is stand out song “Head Case.” It begins with a more classical fiddle as opposed to a Red Dirt hard hand, with soft acoustic picking. Jinks’ lyrics remain strong, singing “it’s been a long time, Lord, since I’ve sit down and had a cry. It’s sometimes overwhelming, and I can’t tell you why.”

From start to finish, this is a purely Jinks album. “Lifers” has something about it that only Jinks can provide us, and we suggest you pre-order your copy as soon as possible. Check out already released “Must Be the Whiskey,” “Somewhere Between I Love You and I’m Leavin’,” and “Lifers” on iTunes and Spotify.

You can catch Jinks next Texas show at his own musical lineup Loud and Heavy Fest in Fort Worth, TX.



Author: Taylor Ashlynn

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