Cody Johnson Releases New EP Like “There Ain’t Nothin’ To It”

In anticipation of his new album, ‘Ain’t Nothin’ to It’ available today for pre-order, Cody Johnson delivered something to make the fall season even better…

This morning, streaming in our headphones here at TMP is a 5-track EP:

  1. “On My Way to You”
  2. “Dear Rodeo”
  3. “Monday Morning Merle”
  4. “Long Haired Country Boy” (featuring The Rockin’ CJB)
  5. Fenceposts

“#AintNothinToIt has been a long time comin, it’s been amazing to work through hundreds of songs and narrow it down to the tracks on this album. I hope y’all like the first five tracks…” Johnson shared about the record scheduled for a January 18, 2019 release.

The EP kicks off with the current hit “On My Way to You” followed by “Dear Rodeo”. This track’s personal message will instantly tug on the heartstring of you cowboys and girls as the former rodeo cowboy belts out killer notes about the heartaches that come with “the dream of a buckle”. “Monday Morning Merle” is a song filled with sweet country classics used to describe the habit of a broken heart that leans on “whiskey remedies and those old-school melodies you can’t forget”. CoJo and the band then crank it up with “Long Haired Country Boy”. Electric guitar riffs and country fiddle tie together hints of gospel with a whole lot of country rock. The singing cowboy leaves us with another feel-good porch pickin’ tune and a romantic proposal called “Fenceposts”.

With the weather cooling down and getting brisk here in Texas, this EP filled with Johnson’s crisp country sound could not have come at a more perfect time. January can’t come soon enough, however, these 5 tracks will sure keep CoJo fans saddled up well until then.

Grab the pre-order here and stream the new tracks below!

Author: Christina Ramirez

Editorial contributor for Texas Music Pickers and a whole-hearted collector of Texas/Red Dirt tunes and the stories behind them. You can also find me on the dance floor.

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