Cottonwood Crows Take Us to Seattle [Single Spotlight]

The Cottonwood Crows are back with new Texas Country single “Seattle,” released on May 1st.

Known for their hit single “Back to You,” Cottonwood Crows have an adaptability between Neo-Traditional country and Southern rock. “Seattle” was produced by Ben Hussey and Josh Serrato at Melody Mountain Studios.

Beginning with a steady electric guitar strum and soft rhythm, the single has a new-age Cody Canada-esque feel. Lead Matt Hartman’s vocals carry the tune clearly with controlled notes and slight runs.

Hartman wrote the song on a mildly depressing trip between Alaska and Texas, hoping it was sunny on his layover in Seattle. “I just couldn’t get it out of my head,” Hartman said. “I’m happy it’s finally out for people to hear.”

Chorus lyrics “I’ll need you now/ the snow keeps falling down/ when I wake up and I win the battle/ I pray it’s sunny in Seattle” profess to a woman how cold and lonely it’s been away from her, having her embrace metaphorically embody the sun. “It wasn’t sunny,” Hartman said, “but I really loved that line and tried to tell a story about missing someone from far away.”

”Seattle” is a good summer song for two-stepping once the world reopens or jamming out around a BBQ pit. You can find it on iTunes or Spotify and add it to your new music playlists.





Author: Taylor Ashlynn

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