Do You Want To Honestly Know What People Think of your Single?

What if you could get your potential single in front of 1,000+ new active listeners and get some honest feedback on it?  That’s right, not only will tons of new ears be discovering your music, you’ll also be able to know just how effective it is likely to be.  

That’s exactly what we’re aiming to do with our Discover and Win Playlist!

We’ve just completed our first one and though smart and strategic digital marketing, a great incentive, communal funds, and the synergistic effect of a playlist we were able to give four artists some great expose and feedback on their new songs!  

We’ve removed the artist’s name and song title, but here’s an example of the actual report each one of the artists received after.  

Discover and Win Report Example: Discover and Win Feedback Report

If you’re an artist who’s interested in having your song featured on our Discover and Win Playlist, you can find more info here:

Author: Chris Fox

Music addict, a sucker for heartbreak songs, and avid Houston sports fan! I'am also the Editor-in-Chief of Texas Music Pickers.

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