Dolly Shine Announces Reunion Tour

We “Should’ve Known” something was in the works when Dolly Shine fired up their Twitter back in December. After a two year hiatus, the group officially announced a reunion this morning.The tour, sponsored by Anderson Bean and Red Dirt Hat Co.,will include three of the original five band members; Jerrod Flusche, Zack McGinn and Johnny Goodson. It will start at The Blue Light Live in Lubbock, followed by Blaine’s Pub in San Angelo, and the final stop will be at The Twisted J in Stephenville. As the band stated on Twitter this morning, “Remember kids, it’s a reunion, not a comeback,” so I recommend getting tickets while you still can.

In honor of the band getting together, here are a few of my favorite Dolly Shine songs, that I’ll be hoping to sing along to in May!

Author: Jodi Cockrell

Contributor for Texas Music Pickers|Production Manager|High Pines Media

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