Dress for the Gig: Ireland Style [Day 1-2]

The saying “dress for the job you want” rings true even if all you want is to pick some strings and sing some things. While in Ireland for the Texas Red Dirt Pub Crawl, I’m here to bring you daily Western Fashion appropriate for a Red Dirt musician for different types of gigs.

I’ve decided to consolidate my Ireland expedition into just the fashion series to not bombard you with all of our adventures. Here you’ll find events we participated in and how to dress for the occasion. All photos are provided by 1923 Photography.

Day 1 in Dublin, Ireland was a slow jump into the wild that would come from our week. Our first official show was at Murray’s Pub, a cozy bar with many nooks and crannies, levels and sitting areas. With this being a fairly laid back event, most musicians came in relaxed fit jeans and easy-to-maneuver jackets.

These calmer acoustic shows are a major part of being an up-and-coming musician. Throwing on a graphic tee is never the answer unless you know how to accessorize. I wore our Texas Music Pickers graphic tee, adorned with a Native American thunderbird pendant necklace from Three Wolves Trading Post. The stunning jewels draw attention to the graphic tee without making an obvious statement. This is a great way to support your other musician friends by sporting their merchandise.

Now let’s take a page out of Parker McCollum’s book: TUCKED IN TEES. I tucked my tee into vintage high-waist Wrangler’s from Altered Denims, a retailer specific to all things vintage. A broken in pair of jeans will be your very best friend on the road. Vintage Wranglers are a staple piece to most wanderers and should be for you. Lucky for you, they’re not hard to find and affordable if you have retailers like Altered Denims looking out.

Lastly, everyone loves a great lid. Thunderbirdhats of Santa Fe created this punchy as hell hat to match my rebel side called the “character cowboy.” Fitting for the Texas Red Dirt Pub Crawl, actual red dirt cakes part of the hat band to add a little zest and “character.” My favorite part is the blue macaw feather that has hints of yellow. Putting this hat on took me from looking like 2001 Britney Spears in all denim to a bad ass babe who people want to talk to. Hats are almost ALWAYS a trigger for people to come up and ask you 100 questions. This accessory is a welcome sign for you to share your story, music and fashion sense.

This rounds up night one: comfortable jeans, unique hat and something to draw attention to your merch during an acoustic session.


Day 2 was in Kilkenny, Ireland. Of course it’d be cold and rainy the day we’d walk around an entire town and meet its Lord Mayor! We had our tour with the Lord Mayor in his historical conference room, hangout show at Billy Byrne’s and first full band performances at Langston’s– meaning we couldn’t look like touristy hillbillies, actual effort was needed.

Because I knew it’d be cold, I did a little thrifting and found this killer serape wool sports coat to add a little flavor to my wardrobe. It definitely came in handy while walking around but added a professional Western flare when I sat in the Lord Mayor’s office. Seeing as it rained all day, my hair was not going to behave and neither did Mike Valliere’s of Copper Chief which is why he carries pony tail holders. My answer to this dilemma long-haired rock stars face is *you guessed it* A HAT.

Here is another radical Thunderbirdhats creation. Lined with bullet shells and stuffed with feathers, this tooled leather hat band GIVES ME LIFE. It’s gritty. It’s effortless. It provides something extraordinary to any outfit. This hat is more refined than the previous, so it’s a classic choice for a higher end wardrobe when playing major shows or meeting important people.

An exciting thing about this scene is everyone uses handkerchiefs for their sweat or instruments. I had Southwestern Gringa Co. make me some custom wild rags for this trip because you wouldn’t catch me dead in a baggy scarf. All of these fancy establishments we visited called for a fancy rag. I wore my mustard yellow silk neckerchief for some added warmth and extra wow factor to my major performance outfit. It definitely did both things I wanted it to. I highly encourage musicians to go out and find really cool patterned pieces to tie to your guitars or stick out of your back pocket while performing. It’s something you rarely remember but always need when you’re up there shredding.

Ah, who could forget the blaaang? I wore a seriously stunning cuff from Chaco Canyon Trading against my black long sleeve. When your arms are moving up and down that guitar, people notice what you have on those wrists and fingers. This three stoned cuff symbolizes stars in the Navajo culture, fitting for an event holding Mike McClure, Dirty River Boys and Copper Chief. This sweet cuff was passed around by some of the musicians to wear while they played including Deanna Wheeler while being filmed for her upcoming movie.

In other jewel news, I cannot stress enough that NAJAS AND SQUASH BLOSSOMS ARE FOR GUYS, TOO. I’d like to formally thank every single member of Copper Chief (Rio, Justin, Mike and John) for all individually telling me my najas and squashes were killer on separate occasions. I wore a simple long naja under my neckerchief to layer and a turquoise flower ring from Three Wolves Trading Post. It is amazing what adding a little silver can do to your appearance.

So to recap day 2: silk wild rag for some fancy shmancyness, southwestern style blazer, a classic cut but gritty hat, and something shiny to tie it all together. This is exactly what I want to see from someone who is about to play a big stage in front of a thirsty audience.

Tomorrow I’ll bring you days three and four! This roller coaster experience only gets better from here! Below are the links to the creators and retailers mentioned above.


Thunderbirdhats of Santa Fe, N.M.                                                                                       Instagram: @bootking7

Southwestern Gringa Co: http://southwesterngringa-com.3dcartstores.com/           Instagram: @SouthwesternGringaCo

Three Wolves Trading Post: https://www.etsy.com/shop/ThreeWolvesTrading       Instagram: @ThreeWolvesTrading

Chaco Canyon Trading Co: http://chacocanyontrading.com/                                         Instagram: @ChacoCanyonTrading

Altered Denims: https://www.altereddenims.com/                                                           Instagram: @Altered_Denims

1923 Photography:  https://www.facebook.com/1923photography/                             Instagram: @1923_Photography

Author: Taylor Ashlynn

Western Fashion Stylist, Funky Florist, Branding Aficionado, Southwestern Painter, & a big big fan of the harmonica! You can find me anywhere at @PinaTaylotta.

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