Get “Lost Out There” with The Lawless [Album Review]

Southern Rock band The Lawless released their new album “Lost Out There” Oct. 30. This punchy album is packed with headbanging, beer slinging and reckless, heartbreaking tunes.

“Lost Out There:”

  1. Lightning
  2. Chambers
  3. Rose City Moonshine
  4. HWY 123
  5. I Hate Me Too
  6. Smother
  7. Spiders
  8. Lost Out There

Heavy with electric guitar, opening track “Lightning” hits listeners with firm bass and hard keys which appear throughout the album. “Chambers” and “HWY 123” present lighter tunes with lyrics about hometown debauchery that fall onto steady, upbeat rhythms. The Lawless shine in this album with their lyrical progression and ability to tell a story through an outlaw’s point of view. “Rose City Moonshine” is a prime example of creating a gripping campfire jam suitable for the darkness of Johnny Cash if he sang lead for band Disturbed.

Amidst the highs of a Lawless life come the lows of nights lost on the road. “I Hate Me Too” takes a calmer approach to bar rock, highlighting lead singer Taylor Long’s vocals and supporting light harmonies. Lyrics like “I’m always coming undone, in case you couldn’t tell” weave a relatable pain throughout the track.

Wild card track “Smother” is exactly what you think it’d be: grungy, gritty and suffocating in the best way. Bursts of screamo are scattered throughout this single without taking the twang of the “country” whole out. There’s a high probability extreme rowdiness ensues during a live performance of this song.

A song about being alone with your demons, title track “Lost Out There” ends the album with a reflective slowness. Long’s sultry vocals and the electric guitar create a duet filling the empty spaces of silence– vaguely resembling a metaphor of how deafening the silence of being alone can be. This track ties the tiring road life and yearning for normalcy together, really embodying this album’s theme.

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