Grant Gilbert Gave Us Something Our Ears “Held On To” [Song Premiere]

We love watching the journey and evolution of young musicians. Grant Gilbert is a name that’s been on our radar for a while now. We heard murmurs of excitement coming out of Lubbock starting in 2017, and he began to catch our ear in 2018 with some of his music. Between the strong touring and growing socials, Gilbert started to garner a fan base and in April of this year, the current Texas Tech student put out his best song to date: “Denying Desires”. Now he looks to keep the momentum going with the release of his “Loud & Clear – EP”; set to drop this Friday (9/20).

We’re excited to share with you that the project is strong from start to finish and is without a doubt the best collection of songs Gilbert has put out. You can hear the growth and maturation of the songwriting and feel the higher-quality production (Dwight Baker). These are not just chords, lyrics, and instruments; these are songs that embody emotion, personality and break the surface. These are songs you relate to and resonate with. From the rhythmic and catchy “I’m Buying”, to the smooth and sensual “Denying to Desires”, to the Lubbock-based anthem “Hub City Shakedown” to the heartache-infused “Hey Bartender”, the EP offers the listener a variety of solid song after solid song. Just those four songs alone would be a project any 23-year-old emerging songwriter should be proud of; however, Gilbert takes it to the next level with our *PICK* of the project: “Held on To”.

Written alongside Anthony Enriquez (of the former band Shotgun Rider), Gilbert told us the two penned the tune while reflecting on how sometimes we have trouble trying to “let go of things you can’t forget and that continue to hold you back.”

“We wrote it a week before going into the studio to cut the record, and it’s one of my favorite songs on the EP” he continued.

After the initial playthrough of “Loud & Clear”, “Held on To” immediately stood out to us. From the first line [“where you at, where you been, living in my head again”] and hard-hitting note, you know you’re going to get a song with some depth and purpose. Then the melody and chorus hook you and by the time you reach the bridge you’re singing along. This one hits the hardest and is game-changer for Gilbert. We expect it to be the heaviest streamed of the collection, and the one people are singing the loudest to at shows.

“Loud & Clear” drops this Friday (9/20), and we definitely recommend you get your hands on it, but in the meantime enjoy an early listen to our *PICK* of the album below!



You’ll also be able to hear “Held on To”, as well as others from the EP once it drops, here on our TMP Spotify Playlist!






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