How Lucky Are We? Kaitlin Butts’ New Single! [Single Spotlight]

A sweet Valentine’s act, Kaitlin Butts released long-awaited single “How Lucky Am I” at midnight last night.

Butts teased us over the last several weeks with lucky numbers, heart shaped candies, and rose-tinted photos in anticipation for this single release. “How Lucky Am I” is a response to Flatland Cavalry’s release of “Honeywine” and a secret Valentine’s gift to her new husband & the band’s front runner Cleto Cordero. Butts tweeted she even blocked him from all his socials to keep this release a secret.

”How Lucky Am I” was produced by Oran Thornton in Nashville at OmniSound Studio. It begins with a bass line reminiscent of a ‘50s love ballad and a soft steel guitar melody. The steady percussion including snaps and shakers keeps the single sounding light and sweet.

Butts wrote the single after a bottle of honeywine in Stephenville, TX. “In the midst of complicated and chaotic times, it’s a simple and light-hearted song, and a reminder that love is the constant and I feel lucky to have found it,” Butts said.

It’s impossible to not sing along to Butts vocal riff in the chorus “how lucky am iiiEEEiiiEEEiiiiieeeiiiEEEiii.” She pulls at our feelings with verse “your heart is everything mine lacks.” It’s a relatable song for lovers across the world on this Valentine’s Day.

Lyrics “when you know, you know. Yeah you can’t deny” is how we feel about Butts’ talent and distinct vocality. We can’t wait to see what else she puts out this year. You can stream “How Lucky Am I” on all platforms, & check it out on our TMP Spotify Playlist & TMP Apple Playlist.

You can also send your Valentine this lovely animated video by graphic artist Tayler Texas.


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