“I Travel On” with Jason Eady’s New Album

Steady, strong and hard-rolling, Jason Eady’s latest album “I Travel On” drops this Friday, Aug. 10th.

I Travel On:

  1. I Lost My Mind in Carolina
  2. Now or Never
  3. Happy Man
  4. Calaveras County
  5. Always a Woman
  6. That’s Alright
  7. Below the Waterline
  8. Pretty When I Die
  9. She Had to Run
  10. The Climb
  11. I Travel On

“I Travel On” is an 11-song embrace of a pristine fiddle, heartfelt strings, soft percussion and the vocals of a well-seasoned storyteller. The album brings together neo-traditional, folk, outlaw country, traditional, bluegrass and tidbits of honky-tonk and R&B throughout its tracks. Eady and five others recorded “I Travel On” with unbridled acoustics. One of Eady’s favorite things was “that it was all done live.”  Essentially, it’s  just “six guys with acoustic instruments sitting in a room together” playing songs they’ve been working on for a while. 

Among these acoustic tracks are some heavy, fast paced tunes and some lighter, reflective melodies. “I Lost My Mind in Carolina” and “Pretty When I Die” are high-energy dancing songs with screaming fiddle solos and how-in-the-world-are-your-fingers-still-moving quick picking of strings.

Songs like “Always a Woman,” “She Had to Run,” and “The Climb” are smooth two-stepping story songs. These are the kind of tunes that have you slow dancing close to your lover and lightly spinning to Eady’s outlaw country vocals. Yet, even in their calm demeanor these songs aren’t completely sad. Even in the darker themed songs, “there’s always a positive spin.”

Along the positive drift remains the rest of the tracks on “I Travel On.” “Now or Never” and “That’s Alright” have a breezy summer vibe to them, perfect for barbecue afternoons and drinking on a boat. “Calaveras County” and “Below the Waterline” are reminiscent of traditional country with bluegrass instrumentals.

Unlike the rest of the album, the title track is a Margaritaville-type country: except not the fun side, more like too many shots on a Mexican beach alone. It’s that perfect sit and sip song for reflection. The steel guitar chimes in a beautiful, yet painful melody that whispers tequila shots on the horizon; with Eady leaving this song open-ended to show he hasn’t stopped traveling on.

With so many types of country blended together in a great acoustic collection, “I Travel On” will surely have one of your new favorite songs in its midst. You can find Eady’s “I Travel On” on iTunes and Spotify this Friday. In the meantime, enjoy one of our favorite tunes from the album below!




You can also find “That’s Alright”, as well as other great tunes here on our TMP Spotify Playlist


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Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/78xCXcmrzDgoRkinWE0uUV

iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/jason-eady/86395511

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