Joey Greer Sets Path in “Frontier”

Joey Greer is aiming to make 2020 his year! He brought in the new year in his home market at the renowned East Texas dance hall, Banita Creek Hall in Nacogdoches, and had his debut full-length album follow the next day!

Greer is an artist that we’ve had our eye on since making his way to finals of the Chilifest Battle of the Bands in 2018. From the first time seeing him, we could feel the magnetic energy of his performance, hear the southern tones in his voice, and see the potential of the Stephen F. Austin student.  

We saw Greer perform a handful of times since, including another performance at the finals of the Chilifest Battle of the Bands at the end of November. Each time, his band was a little tighter, his voice was a little more confident, and the energy was always at top-notch.  

When Greer told us he was dropping his debut album on the first day of the year, we were anxious to get our hands on it. It hit our inbox a few weeks ago, and the first thing that was apparent was the uptick in production from the previously released tracks. The first guitar notes and drumbeat of “Ghost Town” popped of the track and the clarity of the vocal tracks immediately brought a comforting sigh. After seeing the Orange, TX native the first time and then listening to his first couple of releases, we just felt like the guy we saw on stage wasn’t captured in the studio that go-around, but now it seemed that the production of this project was going to be able to showcase his ability to the fullest. That sentiment was reinforced when we heard one of our favorite performance songs of his: “Two Steps Away.” We had listened to a recorded version of this song before, but this version had an added warmth that invited us to settle into the track but kept driving rhythm that had initially caught our attention.

We were then pulled in entirely to the project with the bluesy, mid-tempo “Can’t Outrun the Thought of You”! The guitar-tones, cut of the lyrics, and emotion behind the delivery, help this song transcend your ears and find its way to the soul. 

“Right Here With Me”, get those toes tapping once again and offers the listening the pleasantries of a smooth fiddle. The track is easy on the ears and one of the first you’ll start singing along to before the song is over. 

Greer then takes the tempo down and lays on the heavy lyrics in “Old Habits”. Between the ring of the twangy guitar, weight of the subject matter, and subtle harmonies, the song perfectly captures the struggle that accompanies people trapped by their vices. 

“Save the Farm” is an amped-up track that tells the story of robbing a train and a bank in hopes of saving the family farm. It’s the most rockin’ tune of the album and the one we’re looking forward to hearing live the most!

“The Devil’s Wife” was the first glimpse we got into the new project. Released in October ahead of the album, the song is already at 35K streams, and has been hanging inside the Top 40 of our Texas Music Spotify Chart!

Greer then picks up the pace for the rockin’ attitude-filled, “Good Enough for You”, and mellows us right back down in introspective and key-ladened “Mama Prayed”. The album concludes with the help of Greer’s little sister Cayla Greer, for a family take on the Gospel tune “How Great Thou Art”. 

Overall, we’re impressed and can offer one of the highest compliments you can give an album: it’s complete! Not only is every single song solid, but the project also provides a variety of songs, stories, and emotions. Greer offers energetic southern rockers, soft subtle slow ones, toe-tapping two-steppers, and gospel with southern flavor. We’ve been anxiously awaiting this one, and we’re excited to say that it was more than worth the wait!

You can find a couple of our favorite tracks here on our TMP Spotify Playlist, but we encourage you to take it in as a whole here:



Watch out, Joey Greer, off to a great 2020, and we’ll definitely be watching to see how the rest of his year pans out!






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Author: Chris Fox

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