Jordan Nix Impresses With New Song “My Lover, My Lady”

Praise the Lord for Jordan Nix and all the new music he’s got coming our way. Texas Music Pickers is excited to be the first to share an acoustic version of his new song “My Lover, My Lady” with y’all. In one word, it’s stunning.


“My Lover, My Lady” is everything we love in a Jordan Nix song. Its rawness and vulnerability flawlessly interlace with gripping vocals to craft yet another song that’ll hit you in your feels.  It’s a song of praise: to his lover for saving him from himself and to God for the day he met her.



Previously known ‘Jordan Nix & The Day Drinkers’ underwent a name change this past June, dropping it simply to Jordan Nix.


“We have several different types of shows that we play (acoustic, duo, power trio and full band) that it just made more sense to us to drop The Day Drinkers from the name. We also felt like the name didn’t do service to the full spectrum of music we played. We felt like it trapped us in a “Party Band” box, and we have much more depth musically and lyrically than that” explained Nix.


“My Lover, My Lady” is the perfect transition into this new phase for the band and leaves us craving more of this sound.


And if you haven’t seen Jordan Nix live, here’s why you’ve got to get to a show.


“We hope to create an atmosphere where people can connect to the emotions we felt when writing our songs, good and bad. Whether you need a good cry or a good time, we hope you can find that when you hear us play” said Nix.


What’s on the horizon for Jordan Nix:

  • Chilifest Battle of the Bands Competition – Final Round Nix advanced to the top two of twenty-one artists that competed for a spot on the infamous Chilifest stage next year. “As a College Station-based band, Chilifest is the stage we dreamed about playing when we first started out.” – Nix
  • New music …  and lots of it! “We are hitting the studio at Fort Worth Sound with our guy Tanner Landry at the first of the year to lay down a few old songs of ours, as well as a bunch of new ones. We also have a new line of merch that we are stoked to be bringing with us everywhere we go.” – Nix
  • A brand new live project heading our way in 2020 called ‘Jordan Nix with the Hefty Love’. “We will have 6-8 shows in listening room venues. It’s gonna be very ‘Cold and Lonely’ type of stuff. It’s going to be very raw, and we are getting to bring in some of our good friends to be a part of it! The sound is going to be huge and it’s gonna rip your heart out. In a good way.” – Nix

Author: Reid Kohls

"Lover of live music and greasy bar food. Firm believer that sad, slow country songs should be played at all times. Just might be Turnpike's #1 fan."

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