Koe Wetzel Earns High Marks in “Harold Saul High”

Since featuring “Between Two Bottles” from Koe Wetzel’s debut EP as our #1 most underrated single of 2014, and as the only outlet to drop early reviews of “Out on Parole” and “Noise Complaint”, we’ve got to witness the emergence of the Texas rockers from practically the beginning..and wow has it been fun to watch; most notably the rocket ship ride since the release of the previous album “Noise Complaint.  The band has gone from the packing small rooms across the region to headlining festivals, packing the largest rooms in the area, and playing sold out shows all across the U.S.! They’re now sitting at well over 400K monthly listeners on Spotify and have racked up 65 million combined streams!  These guys have made a come-up like few have in our scene and upon the release of new album, “Harold Saul High”, we fully expect the upward journey to continue!

Recorded with Taylor Kimball, the 15 track album (12 songs +3 skits) opens up with a skit detailing the high school antics of a talent show, which basically lets you know that just like with every other project in the past, they did exactly whatever the hell they wanted to on this album.

While the intro may make you think that there’s a lack of seriousness about the record, nothing can be further from the truth. There’s actually an unmistakable depth throughout the album. There are a lot of tunes that catch your attention off the bat, but what we really dig is the number of songs that open up after playing through several times. Even the songs that may not be the most profound in topic or theme, force you to appreciate the way they reveal themselves after you familiarize yourself with them.

There’s a mellowed element about this project from previous ones; it’s more mature, more reflective, — it’s more “Honey Pain” and less “February 28th”. The songwriting is more explorative and vulnerable. It’s highs, and it’s lows, but most noticeably it’s honest and doesn’t sound like anything else out there or like anything else the band has done before. It’s an album that Koe made for Koe and love it or hate it, it’s impossible not to respect it.

There are some sure-to-be immediate crowd favorites like “Ragweed”, “Powerball”, and “Sancho”, and there are some deeper cuts like “What You Deserve”, “Too High to Cry” and “Nothing Left to Say”, that we think will rise through the ranks as time goes on. Once again, it’s an album that’s going to be a force to be reckoned with, and all without promotion, publicity, radio and this time, even notice. Grassroots and organic fandom reigns supreme when you make music people resonate with, and the album’s reception will be continued proof!

Word has it that “Harold Saul High” drops at midnight tonight and will be available everywhere…. We’ll catch ya after the dust settles….


You’ll also be able to find several of the songs here on out TMP Spotify Playlist once it drops!


Website: https://koewetzelmusic.com

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Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/1Tie3AZgLQZqYEp8Fv4zOZ?si=l9iEnUDCQoanUk-0bz3zuA



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