Larry Joe *Hail*or Fest [LJT Day 2 Recap]

Day 2 of Larry Joe Taylor’s Texas Music Fest brought the thunder and the hail– both metaphorically and physically.

Opening up the HydroPros stage in T-Bird’s was Randy Brown. This man defines what it means to sing drinkin’ songs. Performing tunes from traditional to neo-traditional to all around reckless beats, Brown kept the crowd engaged and on their toes. His usual venues of honky tonks and cantinas made him an expert in audience attention and stage presence. Brown was just the right start to this brand of Texas Country lineup.

Lucky for festival goers, there wasn’t any music scheduled while hail started to clink against tents and tin roofs.

Later in the evening, Deryl Dodd took the Budlight main stage. Something about the way Dodd sings sideways into the mic and the little sway in his step had the evening viewers riled up. With his outlaw sound ringing over the festival grounds, people began dragging their coolers from all perimeters of the grounds and setting up to enjoy the last of the calmer weather. However, Dodd kept the crowd rocking out while the rain started to downpour. “We’re just a little wet out here,” Dodd said from the stage with a smile, but that wasn’t keeping the crowd from jamming.

Wade Bowen performed after Dodd with his sad drinking songs and skilled songwriting. The highlight of his performance was partially due to the weather. “West Texas Rain” blasted over Melody Mountain while a light drizzle covered the audience. There was not a single movement outside of that zoned-in group of dedicated music goers while Bowen played that staple song. It was the embodiment of the gray gloom of heartbreak and love that Bowen projects through his music.

Possibly the best part of Day 2 was Pat Green’s sass. He gave one of his signature killer performances, but with an LJT twist. Yelling into the microphone, Green told the crowd about 17 times “I WILL PLAY SATURDAY LJT FOR FREE NEXT YEAR! FOR FREE!” He was very adamant about his feelings on his Tuesday slot being a veteran LJT performer. This exclamation had the crowd slinging beer from corner to corner, absolutely hype to think Green would be back next year… FO’ FREE.

Stick around and we’ll let you know how today goes. Between you and me, it’s already a killer day.

Author: Taylor Ashlynn

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