Legend’s Making Legends [Venue Spotlight]

Legendary is a term we use for rock stars and wild experiences, but one bar in Stephenville can give you both. Legend’s Country Club has revamped and restarted their Open Mic Tuesdays.

In the past, Legend’s was home to several local bands in the Rock’n’roll genre. However, Texas Country acts began filtering their way through Tarleton State University to Legend’s, bringing with them a unique songwriter’s circle. You can find members of this circle trying out new material from 8 p,m. to midnight at Open Mic Tuesdays.

“I want this open mic to be an environment for songwriters to work on their music, get in front of people and play new audiences,” said Jon Young, musician and appointed lead for the Open Mic. “This should be a platform for singer/songwriters and the audience to experience the jam.”

For those who have never experienced “the jam,” it’s a feeling of enclosure between singer/songwriters who bounce energies off each other and jam their talents together. This often results in feelings of inclusion and creative outbursts.

On Tuesdays, you can expect some type of lead player and a featured artist. For some, this gives musicians an opportunity to hear themselves play with a fiddler or lead guitar for the first time. On the opening night, there was a saxophone player absolutely shredding solos in a surreal way. There’s very few places artists get that kind of collaboration time. This weekly event allows artists of all types the ability to hone in their craft and play with others who want the same outcome.

Legend’s isn’t just for the rock stars. It’s open to the public to watch and listen to their favorite upcoming artists among finding new ones. Anyone with an urge to play or enjoy the sounds can come on out.

We’ve seen Shea Abshier & the Nighthowlers, Mike Valliere (Copper Chief), Steven Marcus (William Clark Green lead guitar), Buck Fuffalo, Giovannie Yanez, Dillan Poe, Kelvin Thomas, and many more play their fair share of songs in the past few Tuesdays. We commend Legend’s and Jon Young for creating a space to experience the jam in an educational way.

Hope to see y’all out on a Tuesday.

Author: Taylor Ashlynn

Western Fashion Stylist, Funky Florist, Branding Aficionado, Southwestern Painter, & a big big fan of the harmonica! You can find me anywhere at @PinaTaylotta.

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