Let the Spotlight Shine On Kody West’s “Shine Out”

Kody West released his second single off the debut album Green this week. “Shine Out” will sure tug at those heartstrings of yours and will also make you want to crank that volume up and jam along.

Written by West when he was around the age of 18 or 19, he told TMP that he actually kept the song acoustic for a while and brought it back when the band was formed. It was one of the first songs that came to life for West and band members: Kyon Barnes (Bass), Ben Johnson (Lead Guitar) and Matt Beaver (Drums). West said, “…we all just fell into a groove. We took my acoustic tunes and added in the other instruments, went into the studio, and out came Green.” [“Shine Out” is] also the first track on the album as kind of an introduction and a pacemaker”.

The tune’s combination of West’s raw sounding vocals and the band’s awesome instrumentation has our boots tapping along here at TMP. West lyrically captures reminiscent feelings of a trying love that once was and now a bitter heartbreak that remains.

West has been jamming this one acoustically and with a full band all over the last few months. Keep a lookout for band’s schedule here and be sure to catch them live! Dates are stacking up and the guys will be all over Texas and parts of the U.S. in 2018, including a stop for our TMP Acoustic Series later this month.

“Shine Out” has also been in the Top 20 of most streamed on the Texas/Red Dirt Singles on Spotify for weeks now. Check out the new single below and request it to your local radio stations!


Author: Christina Ramirez

Editorial contributor for Texas Music Pickers and a whole-hearted collector of Texas/Red Dirt tunes and the stories behind them. You can also find me on the dance floor.

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