Mason Lively Wins with “Stronger Ties” [Exclusive Album Premiere]

Sometimes you just know when you come across something special.  You can feel the energy, the excitement, and the life of the project.  It cuts above the clutter of everything else and sticks with you long after you’re done listening. Not only does it give you something great to dive in to, but when it’s from a young up-and-comer, it also excites you about the future. That’s most certainly the case with Mason Lively’s upcoming album “Stronger Ties”! Even though it’s his debut full-length record, and therefore the first opportunity for many to hear Lively, the album gives no chances for acclimation to the newcomer; it pushes past introductions, and immediately goes into commanding your attention.  It’s presence grabs a hold of you, and offers no apology for it.  There’s no easing into the water; Lively grabs your hand and you take the plunge together, whether you’re ready or not. 

What’s most impressive, is that this 20-year-old Inez, Texas native already has something that some artists spend their whole career trying to find…a captivating and distinctive sound! Between the smooth vocals, lively music, and energetic originality, it’s easy to see that this kid has a bright future; and to add to the excitement, Lively is still at the foundational level of his compelling sound.  You can sense that he’ll have room to grow in it, and explore as he continues to evolve. This album is great, but I feel like we’re only at the tip of the iceberg of what’s to come.

Recorded at The Zone in Dripping Springs with Pat Manske, Lively wrote every single song on the album. Covering love, heartbreak, life on the road, his faith, vices, and more, the record  provides the listener with a variety of topics and a diverse musical soundtrack. You can find blues, soul, country, and rock interlaced throughout the project and sometimes even in the same song.  Sometimes the stories dig deep, sometimes they gets dark, and at other times they’re upbeat and optimistic; even empowering at times. It’s solid from start to finish, and one hell of a way to make an entrance on to the scene!.  

The album drops April 6th, and obviously we recommend getting your hands on it, but in the meantime, you can listen to the WHOLE THING right here!  Turn it up, click play, and enjoy!




You can also hear Lively’s new single, “Lonely Comes Back Around”, here on our TMP Spotify Playlist







Author: Chris Fox

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