Micky & the Motorcars Album is a “Long Time Comin'” [*SONG PREMIERE*]

Micky & the Motorcars: Micky & Gary Braun Video Transcription

Micky: It’s been 3 years since we put out an album, and I’d like to
kind of get out into a broader listening group. I think we can do that
because it’s more of an Americana record than it is kind of based
towards the Texas Country thing.

Gary: I got a chance to kinda write more last year, and so I have more
songs that are chosen for this album. We’re performing live, too,
which means I’m singing more on stage on the lead end of things.
That’s been a pretty natural transition.

Micky: My favorite lyrics from “Long Time Comin’” are probably “I like
things that come just to stir the pot” and “a drunk to write another
song.” That’s another good one from there. I just like the premise of
“Long Time Comin’.” It kind of finishes up every single verse that we
do, and it’s just different.


Micky & the Motorcars long awaited album “Long Time Comin’” debuts
Friday, Nov. 1st.

Long Time Comin’ “:
1. Road to You
2. Rodeo Girl
3. Alone Again Tonight
4. Lions of Kandahar
5. All Look the Same
6. Thank My Mother’s God
7. Break My Heart
8. Run Into You
9. Stranger Tonight
10. Hold This Town Together
11. Long Time Comin’

This album is filled with that familiar Texas Country sound we’ve come to love from the Motorcars, but with additive Americana instrumentation and relatable hard-hitting lyrics.

Tracks “All Looks the Same” and “Run Into You” have a melancholy demeanor with a heavy focus of lyrical progression and subtle harmonica. Lyrics “it all looks the same, but everything has changed” sets up a sad song about the beauty of a regular day on the road that feels sorrowful without the one you love.

Among the two-stepping tunes are “Road to You” and “Break My Heart.” These tracks bring Texas Country remnants and opens the floor up for a good twirl or two. Lyrics “so I load up and go, heading into the unknown” describe that fleeting moment of choosing to chase someone or let them go.

My personal favorite in the “Long Time Comin’” album is “Lions of Kandahar.” It’s a strong song written for military members and their families. A steady rhythm guitar builds an anthem for overcoming all obstacles. Micky & the Motorcars shine light on important issues for veterans in their lyrics: “civilian life ain’t easy, after all I’ve seen and done. I still hear the choppers coming, still hear the thumping of those guns. They tell us that we’re alright, so scared to hear the truth.” “Lions of Kandahar” is a bad ass tribute with just enough truth to make it beautiful.

As for our *PICK* of the album, namesake track “Long Time Comin’” begins with an addictive acoustic lick. An accordion holds out ambient tones throughout the song while Micky sings bouts of wisdom and life lessons. “When your bones are tired and you’ve lost your pride, put it all away and step into the light” are perfect lyrics to showcase the juxtaposition between the good and bad in life. “Long Time Comin’” is a calming reminder to take things day by day, you’ll get there eventually.

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