Pecos and the Rooftops Release Debut E.P. “Red Eye”

Pecos & the Rooftops appeared on the scene seemingly out of thin air when they released their first single “This Damn Song” last April.  The heartbreak song caught people’s ears and attention, leaving them craving more from the band ever since. Lead singer, Pecos Hurley, possesses a deep and distinguishable voice that sets him apart from other Texas artists.

This group of friends from Lubbock, Texas, has been working to quench fans’ thirst for more music by putting together their debut E.P. “Red Eye”, which dropped last Friday. Their fans have been praising these new songs, taking their excitement to Instagram and Twitter with captions like “Just what we needed” and “Worth. The. Wait.”

When asked what Pecos & the Rooftops’ influences for “Red Eye” were, Pecos said “releasing This Damn Song and seeing the reaction that it has gotten” was a major push for them. “We all have a lot of different things that influence our sound and our words but I would have to say the single gave us the kick in the ass we didn’t know we needed.”

Pecos’ favorite song from the E.P. is “Leave Me Lonely”. He and his friend Will McKenzie wrote the song back in 2017 while Pecos was on the heels of a bad breakup. “I quit my job a month before moving to Lubbock and we just got drunk and wrote music for that entire month. Leave Me Lonely was a product of one of those nights”, Pecos told us.

“We want our fans to be able to enjoy our music no matter their mood. Have our own sound with stuff that people can relate to and see from our point of view.”

February is set to be a busy month for Pecos & the Rooftops as they hit the roads throughout Texas and Oklahoma. They’ll be playing shows in Amarillo, Tulsa, College Station, McKinney, and Tyler.

If “This Damn Song” and “Red Eye” are just the start for Pecos & the Rooftops, we can’t wait to see where their music takes them as they continue to pave their way in the Texas/Red Dirt scene.


Author: Reid Kohls

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