Pinch Me, I’m Texan: Texas Red Dirt to Dublin, Ireland + TRDPC Discount Code

The 2018 Texas Red Dirt Pub Crawl will be Nov. 25 to Dec. 2 in Dublin, Ireland. Formerly known as a separate pub crawl, a group of dedicated crawlers decided to revamp this trip into the event it is today.

With really cool activities during the day and different musicians performing Red Dirt music in participating pubs each night, what more could you want? The lineup this year includes Dirty River Boys, Mike McClure, Copper Chief, Mark McKinney, Bri Bagwell, Cleto Cordero, Kaitlin Butts and many more.

“The people of Ireland are so welcoming and friendly,” TRDPC Representative Stephen Christian told TMP.  “It is truly one of the best trips you can take with history, beer, whisky, pubs, food, great shopping, awesome shows, friendly culture, and many opportunities to see once in a lifetime sights.”

With no backstage or VIP availability, you’re in for a sure treat. All of these activities will be done WITH the bands. That’s right: same hotels, same travel plans and same dinner tables! You and your favorite artists will experience the TRDPC together. For most people, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Upon arrival in Ireland, pub crawlers love to get that first sip of alcohol with sure-to-be new friends. “I love that first Guinness mustache,” Christian said. However, we’re not the only ones excited for the arrival— the Lord Mayor of Dublin will be waiting to welcome us into the city. Cowboy hats have also been known to attract the local Irish to our flock.

TMP will be the first American press and media organization to cover this event, meaning I’ll be bringing you an inside look into the shows, artist shenanigans and Western fashion for the week! We’ve also partnered with various retailers to give y’all a one-of-a-kind week of winter Western fashion.

If you want to see historic landmarks with your favorite musicians, sit in a pub that’s older than the United States and be welcomed with excitement, this trip is for you! I cannot wait to see y’all there. If you’re not able to make it this time around, stay tuned to our socials and website for all sorts of great TRDPC coverage.


TMP has partnered with the TRDPC to provide a 10 percent discount code off ticket prices for this exciting event!



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*** If you are or know a Western fashion brand that would like to collaborate for this event, please contact me for further details at or through @PinaTaylotta Instagram. ***

Author: Taylor Ashlynn

Western Fashion Stylist, Funky Florist, Branding Aficionado, Southwestern Painter, & a big big fan of the harmonica! You can find me anywhere at @PinaTaylotta.

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