Read Southall Makes the Most of his “Borrowed Time”

Read Southall has taken Oklahoma by storm since the release of his debut album “Six String Sorrow”, and he’s looking to leverage that momentum in to a big boom with his upcoming album, “Borrowed Time”.  And given the fact that he just sold out the Wormy Dog for his CD Release last weekend, I’d say the boom has already been put in to motion.  Set to release to iTunes, Spotify, and the general public this Friday, the 8 track album is a high-energy blend of southern rock, country, and Americana.  Filled with guitar-laced tracks and heavy instrumentation, Southall’s alluring flavor of “Red Dirt Rock”, is sure resonate well with his ever-growing youthful fan base. 

The compilation is dynamic assortment of love, heartbreak, reflection, and party tunes.  Sometimes the Altus, Oklahoma native offers an upbeat, living-in-the-moment, narrative, and other times a contemplative window in to his soul. Southall has no problem conveying his love for the good times, but what’s most impressive is his ability to articulate his doubts, fears, and need to express himself through his music– “why do I write songs, why can’t my heart shut its mouth”. 

Much like life, Southall’s songwriting can be a little unconventional at times; opting to leave uncertainly, or a lack of a resolution, instead of wrapping up his stories in nice little bows.  The authenticity this provides, gives his songs a sense of personal connection; presenting the listener with the feeling that they’re hearing a biographical account of Southall’s life, rather than just a song.  The physical, emotional, and situational details he offers on each track, provides clear evidence of the growth and maturation that has taken place in his songwriting since the last effort and can be found most notably on two standout tracks: “Why” and “Animals”.

Our *PICK*of the album is the 5th track “Damn”.  Boasting fiery guitar riffs and the best vocals on the record, the song details a story some of us are all too familiar with:  coming to the conclusion that the person we’re in a relationship with “isn’t worth a damn”.  We love the expressive lyrics, high-powered rhythm, and the way the production is able to capture the raw energy of a live performance.  We can’t wait to catch this one at a show!

With the powerful music Southall’s band provides, authentic writing, and captivating production from Taylor Kimball at Culture Cloud Studio, we anticipate this record creating a big wave of momentum for the Okie band and while they’re no stranger to the prominent venues of the Red Dirt state, it’s now only a matter of time until you’ll be finding their name on the marquees of the prominent venues of Texas and beyond! 

The album drops this Friday, and we encourage you to grab yourself a copy; but in the meantime, enjoy a sneak peek of one of our favorite tracks, “Beautiful Eyes”, below!




Read Southall
Lead Vocalist/Rhythm Guitar

John Tyler Perry
Lead Guitar/Vocalist

Jeremee Knipp

Reid Barber

Sevans Henderson








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