Read Southall To Drop Live Album on Christmas Day [Song Premiere]

Read Southall Band’s debut album “Six String Sorrow” was taken off of the digital streaming platforms yesterday and fans of the Oklahoma rockers took to twitter to voice their displeasure:

A few hours after the album came off however, Read Southall posted this tweet hinting that there may not be anything to get upset about after all:


Well… we are excited to bring you the scoop that The Read Southall Band will be delivering fans a present on Christmas day that will not only allow listeners to still enjoy many of the tunes from “Six String Sorrow”, but also some of the tunes from his 2017 album “Borrowed Time” with a new live album! Recorded at Tower Theatre in Oklahoma City, and produced by Taylor Kimball, the 16 track project will feature 14 originals, a cover of Tom Petty’s “Breakdown” and a cover of Oklahoma legend Mike McClure’s “Light on my Hand” sung by lead guitarist J.T. Perry.

What we really dig about the project is the way  it captures the raw and palpable energy of a signature live performance from the Read Southall Band.  You’re thrust front and center in to the rowdiness of enthused music fans; you feel the bass on your feet and the drink in your hand as you absorb every bit of the way the band grooves off of the crowd and in turn Southall vibes off of his band.  It’s good music, good songs, and most importantly a good time you get to experience over and over again all with another click of the play button. 

“Read Southall Live Band at Tower Theatre” drops Christmas day, so after unwrapping your presents and fake laughing at your uncle’s jokes, pour yourself a stiff eggnog and crank up the new tunes!  In the meantime enjoy an exclusive early listen to “Don’t Tell Me” below!



Track Listing:

  1.  Wilder than the Rest
  2. Animals
  3. Serenade 
  4. Clean Slate
  5. Don’t Tell Me
  6. Aero-plane
  7. Moon and Back
  8. Light on my Hand
  9. Why
  10. Empty Hole
  11. Keystone Clan
  12. Runnin’
  13. Beautiful Eyes
  14. Breakdown
  15. Gunshy
  16. Damn









Author: Chris Fox

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