Red Fury and the “White River” [Kaitlin Butts Single Spotlight]

Wild-spirited and feisty singer/songwriter Kaitlin Butts released her newest single “White River” at midnight last night, May 31.

Butts is known for her smooth twang and sass, so it’s no surprise “White River” is riddled with punchy strength in both vocals and composition. The opening outlaw-esque lead and steel guitar set up an eerie background for Butts’ beginning lines of storytelling.

Unlike most fed up women shooting devilish men songs, Butts writes this single about a young girl growing up in an abusive home– a “vacant” eyed mother, a heavy-handed father and a girl who just about had enough. “Twelve shades of black and blue shade the memories of my youth,” Butts sings in her gritty ballad.

A light hint of (what I assume to be new fiance Cleto’s) harmony vocals ring on the hard-hitting lyrics like “you don’t seem to be so tough.” The steel guitar adds an almost desert-like tumbleweed effect to this tune as if you can see the dust blowing and unruly red hair swaying behind the hand of a .34 revolver. When both lyrics and instrumentation work together to tell a story, it’s an overwhelming feeling of power.

One of the highlights of “White River” is Butts’ vocals in the bridge after the riveting steel and lead guitar solos. When she hits “but EEEITHher WAYYy I stand here” you just want to punch the air, headbang, pull the dang trigger yourself. Those high octave hitters Butts slays really add a dimension to this song that makes it a little more mighty than most.

With her social media presence, Butts’ friends and fans have massively supported this brand new single. Singer/songwriter Zac Wilkerson tweeted a heartfelt story about a red-headed girl and the feeling this song gave him while others praised the song for its “chilling” and “haunting” vibes.

You can find “White River” out now on iTunes, Spotify, and our TMP Spotify Playlist.






Author: Taylor Ashlynn

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