Single Premiere: Holly Tucker – The Finer Things

I was visiting with an older friend of mine last week and we began talking about the Powerball and how cool it would be to win it.  He then dropped a little wisdom on me, and said that as he has gotten older, he’s come to realize that there are only a few things that are really significant in life. “Your health, family, a few good friends, and relationships are what it’s all about, and if you have some of those – then you’re already a winner in life” he told me.  Holly Tucker gives us a fresh new perspective on this thought with her latest single “The Finer Things”, that releases this Friday Nov. 2nd to radio and all digital outlets.
The new single from 2018 TCMA Female Vocalist of the Year,  is a great reminder of the notion that the most important things in life are “the things that money can’t buy”.  Tucker shared with us “getting back to the basics, and being thankful for the simple things in life, are really what’s important”.  Holly penned the new single with writers Stewart Halcomb, Brian Carper , and Alex Dooley while she was in Nashville.  “We were sitting around talking about how it would be nice to be rich, and have fancy things and such, but really the subject of everyone’s conversations always came back to spending time with the people we love and getting away from all the noise that always surround us” Tucker told TMP.
When I hit play on the new single, Tucker’s smooth vocals began to fill the song with a “rich” quality that made the lyrics take a life of their own. I then thought about how Tucker had won our 2017 TMP Songwriting Contest, and had blown away the judges with these same powerful and smooth vocals. The song’s lyrics gives us a reminder to focus on how we look at things…is the glass half full or half empty? Isn’t it true as well that sometimes our life’s simple given blessings: good kids, turn into even greater blessings: great parents. The hook in the chorus brings it all together in context with this, “you’re not rich till you get something money can’t buy, and money can’t buy the finer things”.
A great song with meaning, a great melody and one more “finer thing” Holly Tucker can add to her loaded portfolio of great singles. The track is the lead single for her upcoming  EP, set for release in late 2019. You can buy the new song, stream it, or request it on your favorite Texas/Red dirt station starting this Friday, but you can hear it FIRST right here at TMP right now!

Author: Steve Fox

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