Single Premiere: Jake Worthington – A Lot of Room to Talk

There are few things that bring me more joy in this world than when a country ballad is done right.  It seems like it’s such a lost art in the modern country music scene these days; even rarer is someone willing to put one out as a single.  While much of the radio waves are chocked full of cliché and overused quips, pandering topics, catchy watered-down hooks, and drum machine driven tracks, there are still a few guys doing it right– and making ACTUAL country music.  Jake Worthington is certainly one of those guys.     

With his brand new single, “A Lot of Room to Talk”, dropping this Friday, the La Porte, Texas native is giving traditional country music fans a lot to be excited about!  Following his foot-stomping previous single, “How Do You Honky Tonk”, Worthington slows the tempo down this go around; diving head first in to painstaking heartache.  The strong, solemn introductory vocals immediately set the tone for the track’s message of sorrow and regret.  The well-crafted songwriting (Ronny Vines and me Ron Young) explores an emotional situation that many of us are all too familiar with. 

“Everyone has been to the bottom of a relationship at some point in their life” Worthington told us. “At the end of it, sometimes all you have left are those words you should’ve said, and ‘a whole lot of room to talk’ ….”

The resonating message, combined with the powerful delivery, and perfectly laid vocals, paint a picture of exactly what a heartbreak country song should sound like!  No frills, no gimmicks, no cutesy hook, just authentic lyrics, real life, and music that relays the emotion of the track!  You can feel every ounce of regret and desperation in Worthington’s voice as he introspectively replays his shortcomings of the relationship, asking himself questions like “What good is pride now that she’s gone? When did our house stop being a home?”

There’s no doubt, there’s something very special about this song, and we feel confident that fans will agree!  The single impacts radio this Friday, so make sure you call your online and local radio stations and request it!   In the meantime enjoy an exclusive sneak peek of the tune below!  Enjoy!








Author: Chris Fox

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