Single Premiere: Jon Stork – One Night Stand

Jon Stork is one of those artists you just can’t help but root for  Not only does he have one of the most entertaining social media games in the up-and-comer scene, his music has a complete sound and he’s got an early catalog that points to bright things on the horizon!  This week our spotlight shines on his upcoming single, One Night Stand”; set for release tomorrow. Produced by Lyndon Hughes at Stormy Cooper Media, the tune was penned by Stork and Matt Castillo (Matt & the Herdsmen) while aiming to create an atypical “one night stand song”. “It’s all about going out and having a good time, listening to the music that you know and love, or might have just stumbled upon.  Standing with the band, whether it be me and mine or someone else, is what it’s all about. Any way you look at this song, I wanted everyone to be able to relate in some shape or form. I wanted to release a tune that was more of an ode to the fans than anything else” Stork told TMP. “And to those people who go out and buy tickets, merch, music and more…thank you” he concluded.

Here at TMP we love the foot-stomping energy and fun mixture of honky-tonk and southern rock! This one gets in your bones and makes you move!  We dig the unique take on the “one night stand” concept and how it’s creatively applied to the relationship between an audience and band. Smart, fun, and complete, what else are looking for in a song prime for a beer-drinkin’ Saturday night?

With songs like these, it certainly has us licking our chops for an entire new record and according to Stork their “new project will be releasing early next year’!  So make sure you stay tuned to the band’s socials for updates.

This is the band’s first big push to Texas Radio and as people who have been following him since early 2017, we’re excited to see him debut on the radio charts in the next few weeks!  Be sure to request this one at your local and online stations and grab a copy when it releases tomorrow. In the meantime, enjoy an early listen below!








Author: Chris Fox

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