Single Spotlight: Brandon Jenkins – Be the Revival

Our spotlight shines on the Red Dirt Legend, Brandon Jenkins this week! “Be The Revival” moves up 15 places on the Texas Regional Radio Report to #74 and should be making impact on our Texas Music Spotify Chart later this month!  Recorded at yellow DOG studios in Wimberley, Texas and produced by Dave Percefull, “Be The Revival” joined together some of the most talented players in the industry: Glenn Fukunaga on Bass, JJ Johnson on Drums, Eddie Dickerson on Fiddle, Steve Littleton on Keys, and Geoff Queen on Steel and Dobro. 

Jenkins describes the song’s message as the “struggle between the Sacred and the Profane.” Adding “Over the years of exploring both sides deeply, trying to reconcile the two, I have realized there is no Profane, only Sacred; there is no place where God is not. Every experience I’ve had, every decision I’ve made, good and bad, makes up that long rugged road, that journey I know as my life, my point within the circle, my story. We all learn Faith in different ways to make it through, and from this point on I aspire to relish all points along the Way; both in the valley and on the mountain top.”

Here at TMP we really dig the tracks’ unique sound provided by the well composed and rich combination of gospel, red dirt, and bluegrass.  The instrumentation, background choruses, and Jenkins’ inspiring songwriting come together to create not only a fantastic song, but an enriching experience.  With his unmistakable, twangy vocals, the accomplished songwriter really dives into the human condition, spiritual embattlement, and provides an uplifting message on how to power through.

The track is the lead single from off of the Tulsa, Oklahoma native’s upcoming album “Tail Lights in a Boomtown” set for release in February of 2018!  Stay tuned to Jenkin’s social media outlets for updates about the new record, and in the meantime, give your online and local radio stations a call and request this great new single!

If you haven’t heard the song yet, take a listen below and let us know what you think!










Full production credits:  

Written by Brandon Jenkins

Produced, engineered and mixed by David Percefull

2nd engineers – Dylan Layton and Adam J. Odor

Mastered by Adam J. Odor

Recorded, mixed and mastered at yellow DOG Studios / Wimberley, TX


Brandon Jenkins – vocal, harmony and backing vocals, acoustic guitars

Glenn Fukunaga – upright bass

JJ Johnson – drums

Eddie Dickerson – fiddle, mandolin, backing vocal

Wes Barlow – violins 

Geoff Queen – dobro guitar

David Percefull – Hammond organ, percussion, string arrangement, backing vocal

j meridian – harmonies and backing vocals

Jordan Lee – backing vocal

Phil Marshall – backing vocal

Isaac Jacob – backing vocal

David Thomas – backing vocal

Dylan Layton – backing vocal

Jana Jimison – backing vocal

Author: Chris Fox

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