Single Spotlight: Curtis Grimes – Put My Money on That

TMP is excited to announce that Curtis Grimes’ next single to be released will be “Put My Money on That”! This is the third single released from the Gilmer, Texas native’s 2016 Undeniably Country album.

Anyone who keeps up with Grimes knows he’s a man of many values and is one who is proud of what he stands for. Written with Brian Davis, the all-American track portrays the singer/songwriter’s values of faith, family, hard work, and country living. Grimes reflected on the song and told us:

“This is a song that’s saying something. It’s about all of the things you truly believe in and matter most in life. When all the dust has settled at the end of the day, these are the things that really count. As sure as Jesus coming back, I’d put my money on that!”

I’m a big fan of the commentary tracks on Spotify and love learning more about the stories or intentions behind artists’ lyrics. Grimes mentions in his commentary track for “Put My Money on That” that the gist was to create a blue-collar type song with a “Waylon-feel”. The steel guitar featured throughout is a highlight of this self-expression of values. Further, Grimes’ mature country vocals mixed with the edginess of the electric guitar riffs all together combine for a solid honky-tonk that would definitely make Waylon proud. Recorded at Sound Stage Studios in Nashville, the track was produced by Trent Wilmon and engineered by Bart Busch. Together, Grimes and his team have created a tune that will make country music fans turn the dial up this summer!

This song is without a doubt a fun song to hear whether you’re driving on a back road this summer or tearin’ it up on the dancefloor, but the thing I love most about it is that it stopped and made me think. What are some of the specific things I’d put my money on? This prompt has got my wheels turning and I hope it has you inspired now too.

Grimes has an exciting summer ahead as he will take his new single on tour for a series of stops in the UK. He will then return to playing Texas, Oklahoma, and the rest of the U.S. later in the season. See his full list of stops here

Be sure to stream, request, and add this one to your playlist, folks! Check out “Put My Money on That”!

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Author: Christina Ramirez

Editorial contributor for Texas Music Pickers and a whole-hearted collector of Texas/Red Dirt tunes and the stories behind them. You can also find me on the dance floor.

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