Single Spotlight: Lucas Ebert – McCurtain County Gold

Since discovering Spotify’s Release Radar Playlist, I eagerly anticipate every Friday morning.  As someone who makes playlists with the goal of promoting and sharing new music, I really look forward to a playlist each week that has nothing but new songs from artists I follow, or are similar to artists I follow.  New music/artist discovery is an addiction for me, and this supplies the fix (for a few hours at least). Some songs I already know about, some of them are either not my cup of tea of don’t quite fit the direction of TMP, but without fail, there is usually one or two that checks all of the boxes.  

About half way through this week’s Release Radar Playlist, Lucas Ebert’s “McCurtain County Gold” came on.  The grit of the intro guitar lick made my ears perk up a bit, but when Ebert’s soulful vocals laced the track…boom. I was in. It had my full attention.  Yeah…it’s one of those voices. The roots-rock groove got me moving and before the song was done, I was looking for his bio.

After discovering Ebert was Texas-born, and Oklahoma-raised, I immediately reached out for more info.

Produced by Chris Latham at StudioGorilla” in Nashville, Ebert, along with Rob Snyder penned the tune about stories Ebert used to hear as kid while growing up in McCurtain County.I used to always hear about the McCurtain County Gold’ that used to be grown there in the 70’s”, Ebert told us. “It was apparently a big deal back in the day; so much so, that people from home would occasionally see ‘McCurtain County Gold’ t-shirts and hats for sale in gift shops around the states. Since it was one of our county’s only claims to fame, I (and others kids my age) grew up hearing stories about how our home was famous for growing good marijuana” he continued.  

Ebert had forgotten about the lore of his home county until recently, when he saw a clothing company from the area had created a cool hat that featured the words , “McCurtain County Gold” on it. “I thought that was super cool and I was like, ‘How I have I not thought of writing a McCurtain County Gold song yet?’.  I took the idea, paired it with a cool little chord progression that I had been wanting to use on something for forever and I brought it to the table in a co-writing session with my Buddy, Rob Snyder — and we fleshed the thing out. I felt like it turned out really well, so I posted a crappy little cell-phone video on my Facebook page (see video here) that evening and it turned out to be the most liked and shared video that I have ever posted”, the up-and-coming singer/songwriter told TMP.

After the crazy response, he decided to get in the studio as soon as possible and put it out as a single. “It was funny because like 3 weeks before, I had just released my debut EP; so I wasn’t really planning on doing any more recording for a while, but I felt like I needed to strike while the iron was hot. I’m glad I did it because it’s been received well” he went on to say.

Ebert has certainly made a splash on our radar, and we encourage you to check the song out below and let us know what you think!



You can also hear “McCurtain County Gold” here on our TMP Spotify Playlist!








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