Single Spotlight: Troy Cartwright – Busted

Our spotlight shines on Troy Cartwright this week!  “Busted” moved up to #12 on our Texas Music Spotify Chart and made huge jump up to #85 on Texas Regional Radio Report! Recorded at Rattle Trap Studios in Austin, TX with Rob Baird and Brian Douglas Philips, Cartwright penned the tune about coming to grips with the realization that something is damaged beyond repair.

“This is a song about that point in your relationship, be it with an old car, or an old flame, where you’ve got to decide if it’s really going to work out or not. Sometimes you’ve got to accept it’s just too broken and move on” Cartwright told us.

IMG_7167The decision is one we face often in life, and the Dallas, Texas native does an excellent job expressing the emotions that come along with these tough decisions.  The parallels he draws between an old car and a relationship illustrate the pitfalls and blindness we can sometimes have when we hold on to something too long. We love the build up of the energetic chorus and then the somber gut punch of Cartwright’s admission: “it’s busted”.  The colorful lyrics give the listener great insight in to song’s vision and the expressive delivery drives it home!

As the lead single from his upcoming album (due out in September) we feel it definitely makes a strong presentation of the bolder and more soulful sound Cartwright will be looking to demonstrate on the new record. The heavier sound undoubtedly suits him and provides a richer and edgier vibe.  It has us eager and excited to hear the rest of the tunes later this year!

In the meantime, we suggest you catch a show, especially while he’s on tour with Sean McConnell, to get a sneak peak at some of the new music and help us push this one up the charts by requesting it on your online and local radio stations!

Check out “Busted” by Troy Cartwright below!







Upcoming Shows:

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College Station, TX  


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Houston, TX  


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