[Song Premiere] Erick Willis – Broken Man

Erick Willis’ new EP “True Colors” drops tomorrow and includes five emotional songs and a lick of heart-wrenching soft fiddle.

If you’re looking for a song to evaluate your life and shed a couple of tears into your beer, our pick from the EP is “Broken Man.”

The song starts off with light acoustics and hollow space for Willis’ steady vocals. With swift ease, the fiddle comes in to break up the stillness and has listeners swaying with the bow movements. The piano, fiddle, and acoustic guitar give off a Cowboy Church worship vibe with the twang and style of a country heart-breaker. “Broken Man” is exactly the kind of song we need when it comes to those moments our eyes are closed and our hearts are on empty.

As beautiful as the bare instrumentals may be, the lyrics in “Broken Man” are the real kicker. Willis describes someone who is aching for revival, for a renewal of a fragmented heart.

I’m reaching for your hand.
I’m giving all I got.
I’m giving you my word, though my words don’t mean a lot.
You know I can’t refuse him,
when the devil takes my hand.
So Lord, won’t you have some mercy on a broken man.
This song is the realization we don’t want to deal with in our every day lives, but the one we need to have. “Broken Man” is the declaration of a “broken” soul-searching for sinews to hold it all back together again. Without a doubt, this tear-jerker is the kind of tune we need to let ourselves heal in that gritty, western way we so often pride ourselves on.
Enjoy an early listen of “Broken Man” below and be sure to grab your copy of “True Colors” once it drops!

You’ll also be able to find Willis’ “Broken Man,” along with other great Texas Country/Americana/Red Dirt musicians, on our TMP Spotify Playlist

Author: Taylor Ashlynn

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