[Song Premiere] Kolby Cooper Breaks it “Wide Open” With New Album “Good Ones Never Last”

For those who haven’t been paying attention, Kolby Cooper has become the next force to be reckoned with in the Texas/Red Dirt scene. At only 20 years old, the Palestine, TX native is packing small and mid-cap rooms across the region, appearing on most of the major festival bills, has been picked up by Back Porch Management and booking powerhouse Red 11 Music, and creating quite the collection of songs on Spotify that reach the million-plus benchmark. It’s hard to believe that Cooper put out his debut EP just 17 months ago and is doing this all with only 11 songs under his belt….but that’s about to change. The rising singer/songwriter is set to release his first full-length album “The Good Ones Never Last” this Thursday, August 15th.  

Not only is Cooper’s catalog volume going to grow significantly, we think pretty much everything else is too. This is one of those projects that not only catapults an artist to the next tier but puts them on an entirely new trajectory. Think Parker McCollum’s Limestone Kid, Koe Wetzel’s Noise Complaint or Flatland Cavalry’s Humble Folks. 

The album combines eight new tracks to the previously released six-track EP “Good Ones Never Last Pt. 1” creating a 14 track stake in the ground for the young, emerging artist. The project showcases the significant growth Cooper has gone through over the last year and a half as an artist. The songwriting has matured, the sound has been honed, the production is more full, the songs are more complete…he’s gone from a kid putting out tunes for fun, to a man making a career for himself. 

Among the eight new tracks, you’ll find the catchy and warming love song “Coming Home”, the touching tribute to his daughter “Josie”, the heartwrenching tale of love lost in “Losing You”, the longing for someone who’s out searching for bigger and better things in “California”, and the paradoxical and scenic “Wide Open (Not So Great)”. We think just this bundle of five songs is enough for Cooper to be proud of his effort in completing his debut album as they’re solid, diverse and aid in spotlighting the next level of his catalog….but it doesn’t stop there… there are three more songs to talk about…three songs that we think that are going to be massive songs…three songs that are going to add a turbocharge to the rocket ship ride Cooper is about to go on.

“They Don’t Love Me Back” is a melodic and passionate confession of love detailing all of the things that pale in comparison to the person who actually loves him back. On the other hand, the guitar-laden “Leave Me My Heart” is an ode to your ex right at the very moment you decide that they’re now your ex (see ya!). Lastly, we come to our *PICK* of the album “Tom Petty”. The rhythmic, toe-tapper about summer, a girl and a rock and roll legend will have you cranking up the volume, playing all-out air guitar, and reaching for the repeat button. While the whole album is great, this song is one of those special songs that transforms a career! 

The album drops this Thursday, and we definitely encourage you to get your hands on it. In the meantime enjoy an early listen to one of our favorite songs “Coming Home” below!


Website:  http://kolbycooper.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pg/Kolbycoopermusic

Twitter: https://twitter.com/KolbyCooper_

Instagram:  https://www.instagram.com/kolbycooper_/?hl=en

Spotify:  https://open.spotify.com/artist/2dz0ijxEHh6AzUzQBwBSKx?si=CKKTFcagSS6nYgvb8nMemg 

iTunes: https://music.apple.com/us/artist/kolby-cooper/1304693482


Author: Chris Fox

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