[Song Premiere] Randall King’s New Album Keeps Us On The Line

Randall King, one of our favorite neo-traditional up-and-comers, has his self-titled album set for release this Friday, Apr. 27th. The new record is complete with 12 two-step worthy, backyard bar bangin’ songs sure to kick-start your summer.

  1. Freightline
  2. Takin’ Me a Heartbreak
  3. Mirror, Mirror
  4. Break It
  5. Cool Under Pressure
  6. One Goodbye
  7. Tuggin’ on My Heartstrings
  8. When He Knows Me
  9. Dent in It
  10. Keep Her on the Line
  11. Her Miss Me Days Are Gone
  12. One More Won’t Hurt
  13. Reason to Quit

If Randy Travis and Alan Jackson had a music baby, it would be the Randall King album. This record compiles similar 90’s country vibes, long vocal notes and steel guitar melodies that have our beers tilting back. Recorded at Sound Stage Studios in Nashville, TN, King got to create the exact sound he was going for in a place “where so many greats have recorded.”

“My biggest influence within this record is my family,” King told TMP. “One of my favorite songs on the record is a song I wrote for my grandfather, ‘When He Knows Me’. That takes a lot of character from family if you know my background.”

Songs like “One Goodbye,” “When He Knows Me” and “Reason to Quit” hit those soft spots underneath our smokey bar exterior. King goes from drowning out a heartache to remembering what keeps us going day-to-day. These songs contain soft string picking and hard-hitting lyrics like “if you don’t love me, let it come and flood me ’till I drown.”

Lighter than the fast-paced swinging songs like “Freightline” and “Break It,” our TMP pick is “Keep Her on the Line;” also one of King’s favorite songs on the album. This song dances between a George Strait breakup song and a Garth Brooks love song. The instrumentals keep a slow, foot-tapping rhythm with guitar solos that match the turmoil our feelings are put through in the lyrics. To let her go or keep her on the line: this is the philosophical question many struggle to answer throughout our love lives which King stabs at with lengthy notes and low pitches.

“I just love the power and the message behind it,” King said. “I brought it to Brandon Kinney, and we sat there and scratched out the definition of holdin’ on to somebody as long as ya can — doin’ anything you can to just keep ’em.”

Be sure to grab yourself a copy once the album drops this Friday (4/27), but in the meantime enjoy an early listen to our *PICK* of the album “Keep Her on the Line” below!

You can also find Randall King and other great Texas/Red Dirt artists here on our TMP Spotify Playlist.


Website:  https://www.randallkingmusic.com/

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/pg/randallkingband

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/4Uux6BdaCNrVFQ0bqGRtfh?si=S7kYOcFyS8ie33zFHWG0uA

iTunes:  https://itunes.apple.com/album/id1365181890?ls=1&app=itunes

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