Spotlight Artist: Dolly Shine

dsOur Spotlight Artist this month is a young band with a lot of talent.  Dolly Shine has been making a lot of noise since their first full-length album, “Room to Breathe”, came out last summer.  Making Lonestar Music’s Top 100 albums, their fans are eagerly awaiting the release of their next EP, “All In”; set to be released August 12th.  Following on the success of their two previous singles, “Should’ve Known” (reaching #17 on the Texas Music Chart) and “Spinning My Wheels” (reaching #42), the band also has a new single out, “Her Name Was Trouble”.

Texas Music Pickers has been a big fan of theirs since hearing them earlier this year, and has been anxiously awaiting an opportunity to spotlight them.  We can’t say enough good things about this talented group, and they have quickly become one of our favorite new bands on the scene. With a new single and a new EP being released this month, we knew we had to feature this band as this month’s Spotlight Artist.

We had the opportunity to conduct a Q&A with the guys:  Zack McGinn (lead vocals and primary songwriter), Wesley Hall (fiddle, mandolin, harmony vocals), Johnny Goodson (drums), Dillon Sampson (bass, harmony vocals), and Jerrod Flusche (lead guitar) and here’s what they had to say!

TMP: I’m sure you guys get asked this all the time, but can you tell us the story behind your name?ds2

Zack: In college, a good friend of mine had a horse from a rescue program that he took to college rodeo, named Dolly Shine. Which originates from the Spanish term dale. Which means give it the gas, get after it, stay steady, that kind of thing. He always wanted me to name the band that and I always told him no until he told me the meaning behind it. Finally one night, a deal was made. If I would name the band Dolly Shine, my buddy would get it tattooed on his rear-end on the night of our first cd release. A year later, that deal came to fruition. So much like our namesake, Dolly Shine has always been a gamble.

TMP:  Who do you describe as musical influences?

Zack: Everybody in this band comes from such a diverse musical background pulling from so many different influences. But as for me, as the primary songwriter of the band, here are a few of the most influential on my list: Robert Earl Keen, Joe Ely, Ryan Bingham, Guy Clark, Townes Van Zandt, Ryan Adams and Jason Isbell.

Johnny: John Bonham, Dave Grohl, Stanton Moore, Taylor Hawkins, Levon Helm

Dillon: Darrel Scott, Cadillac Sky, Jason Isbell, Merle Haggard, Bob Wills, Doc Watson, Ryan Adams, The Birds.

Jerrod: Townes, Jon Fulbright, Hayes Carll, Sturgill Simpson, Les paul, the Eddie van Halen

Wesley: Bob Wills, Hank Williams, George Strait, Garth Brooks, Merle Haggard & Charlie Daniels

TMP:  Describe your style of music.

ds1Zack: Our music draws from so many places. Expect a lot of high energy. It’s intense and in your face. Not necessarily always in an explosive way, but definitely in a way that gets your attention. Solid rhythm section, and high energy guitar and fiddle solos. Lyrics that grab on and take a hold keep you hooked. We’re just a group of misfits that found a place to fit in making music the way we want to. In a nutshell, our style of music is US.

Johnny: A healthy blend of country rock rhythm and blues

Dillon:  High energy country rock, with HOT Fiddle breaks and the tastiest guitar fills you’ve ever heard! All wrapped around crafty and heartfelt lyrics

TMP:  So far, what has been the highlight of your career?

Zack: Gruene Hall and Larry Joe Taylor’s Texas Music Festival. Both legendary and have been on my bucket list for a very long time.

Johnny: LJT

Wesley: LJT, Rhymes & Vines and Gruene Hall

TMP:  Tell us about the success of your previous single “Should’ve Known”

Zack: Should’ve Known was a completely unexpected success. It was one of my absolute favorites to record, but I never saw it as a radio single until Clay Neuman & Vision Entertainment came along. I think it represents a culmination of things for us. It has really allowed us the freedom to do more of what we want creatively and has made such a huge impact on our crowd sizes, which are continuously growing because of this tune, among other things. It’s the result of a lot of hard work starting with Wes and myself who have been here since day 1 all the way to where we are now with great group of guys.

Johnny: Did wonders for us exposure wise. Was highly requested on several radio stations. The first song that fans started singing back to us at shows which is a sure sign that we’re really touching people

Tell us about your current single “Her Name Was Trouble”ds3

Zack: Her Name Was Trouble is a cool new tune. Following suit with the typical Dolly Shine sound, but also showing some growth musically. It’s upbeat and catchy. I feel like it’s something most everybody can relate to in one way or another. Because we’ve all lived this story line in form or fashion.

Johnny:  This song was written by Zack and our manager Kim Brian. Typical song from Dolly Shine about bad relationships, being used and no happy endings. Fans have been requesting it since LJT so the buzz is already in the air. We’re hoping that it will be a chart topper for us.

TMP:  For people who have never been to a Dolly Shine concert, what can they expect to see at your shows?

Zack: When you come to a Dolly Shine show, you can expect high energy. It’s a place to come an let your hair down and forget about whatever has been bothering you all week for at least a few hours and just party. There’s a great group of talented guys on stage all the way around. I’m simple terms, it’s a damn good time.

Johnny: Come see one

Jerrod:  Folks can expect a mind explosion, an emotional tornado fueled by overdriven steel, a hot fiddle, and lyrics that pull the heart strings of all listeners.

Wesley:  High energy, fun, fist pumping, hot fiddle music

Dolly Shine - All In (2)TMP: What can people expect on the upcoming EP?

Zack: With the new EP, you can expect the same Dolly Shine passion in every single song. But with a lot more growth, musical maturity and progressive movement in a forward motion. It’s a lot more edgy than the two previous records. A new year, new band members and new tunes. Same great music.

Johnny: A new Dolly Shine

TMP: Is there anything else you’d like to add?

Zack: Thank you to each and every person who continues to follow and support us through this musical journey. It’s been a hell of a ride so far and it’s just going to continue to grow and get better. We’ve only really just begun to tap into this thing.


Upcoming Shows

August 8th – The Lumberyard, Roscoe Texas

August 15th – Whiskey Girl Saloon, Fort Worth Texas

August 21st – Diablos Catina, Lubbock Texas – Radio Event with KJDLdolly shine War Bonnet Tour (2)

August 23rd – Hearbeats for Hanna, Muleshoe Texas

August 26th – Rockin’ Rodeo Denton with TRHR

August 28th – Bull Nettle, Stephenville Texas – Stephenville CD release Party with KWBY – all afternoon and evening with lots of special guests – kicks off at 4

August 30th – Brady Goat Cook-off with Cody Johnson

They will also be filming for Justin Frazell’s Lonestar Roads TV Show on August 14th that will air the following week.




Be on the lookout for our review of their new EP and check out a sneak peek of “All In” below!



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