Chart Rules and Procedures for Getting Your Song on the Chart

We launched our Texas Music Spotify Chart in March of 2016, to track the number of streams current Texas Country, Southern Americana, and Red Dirt singles were getting on Spotify.

If you’d like to submit a song for consideration of our Texas Music Spotify Chart, you can do that here:

The Texas Music Spotify Chart Rules and Criteria


Our goal is to stay focused on only songs that are considered to be in the Texas/Red Dirt scene, and therefore primarily consumed in the Texas and Oklahoma.  For songs to be considered for our chart they must meet the following requirements:

  • Over 1,000 total streams
  • The genre is comparable to the other songs found on our chart.
  • The artist has an active touring schedule with Texas and/or Oklahoma dates
  • The artist is actively promoting it as a single on our the socials and website
  • It is primarily consumed in Texas or Oklahoma
    • We calculate this by looking at the Top 5 Places Where People Listen found under the About section on the artist’s Spotify profile page. The majority of streams should be coming from cities in Texas or Oklahoma.
      • We add up all the amount of listeners coming from Texas and Oklahoma cities listeners in the Top 5 Places Where People Listen and divide it by the total amount of listeners in the Top 5 Places Where People Listen. We generally look for the number to be at least 65% (or about 2/3rds), but exceptions can be made for artists who have at least 51% in Texas or Oklahoma, with streams also coming from areas with “reporting stations” (New Mexico, Louisiana, etc…)
    • Songs that are on the Texas Regional Radio Report are automatically checked for our chart’s eligibility and added accordingly.
    • Songs not on either radio chart can be submitted to us, as long as it meets the above qualifications AND is currently being pushed as a single. For us to consider it a single we consider the following:
      • Is it being promoted as a single on the artist’s social media
      • Was it released as a single track on iTunes/Spotify
      • How long ago was it released
        • Songs older than 90 days will be subject to more scrutiny
      • Does the song have a music video to accompany it or anything else extra
      • Is the song currently getting ANY radio play on Texas/Red Dirt stations
    • Artists must also have a reasonable ratio of monthly listeners to streams.  Songs that have a weekly stream count that exceeds the number of monthly listeners, or come close for multiple weeks, will be taken off.  Generally, songs shouldn’t have a weekly stream count, more than half the amount of monthly listeners, but we will take into consideration how new the track is and how it was released (a single track vs. part of an album).
    • Songs will be taken off after 20 weeks