SXSW Recap: KOKE FM Rooftop Showcase

Over 20 Texas Country/Americana/Red Dirt artists staked their claim on Austin this past Tuesday at The Ranch. KOKE FM brought us bands like John Baumann, The Black Lillies, and Tyler Childers; along with acoustic shows from Kyle Park, Kody West, Parker McCollum and more!

KOKE FM Rooftop Showcase Lineup:
Set 1: Robynn Shayne, Philip Griffin, William Matheny
Set 2: The Black Lillies (full band)
Set 3: Jason Eady, Courtney Patton, Davis Alan, Aaron Einhouse
Set 4: Ben Danaher, Chris Colston, Bri Bagwell, Kaitlin Butts
Set 5: John Baumann (full band)
Set 6: Read Southall, Django Walker, Kody West, Jake Worthington
Set 7: Parker McCollum, Josh Ward, Josh Grider, Kyle Park; with surprise appearance by Josh Abbott
Set 8: Tyler Childers (full band)
Set 9: Johnny Chops & The Razors (full band)

The Rooftop Showcase gathered a sizable crowd for starting at 2PM on a weekday. “I didn’t know it’d be crowded this early,” Kaitlin Butts told TMP. “I’m so glad that it was! It was so great.”

Read Southall summed up the Showcase pretty well, saying “the weather was beautiful which made me drink a little too much, but I think everyone else here would say the same.”

Appearances were made by unscheduled performers, as well, such as Davis Alan and Josh Abbott. “I’ve never played in Austin,” Alan said. “The fact that there were people in the audience that knew my songs and screamed my lyrics really made me feel good as an artist.”

John Baumann played a full band performance by the sheer luck of asking. “You gotta ask for things in life,” Baumann said. “I asked, and they said yes! I’m really glad we got to play this show all together.”

Among the glad and grateful, Parker McCollum enjoyed his “experience on-the-fly,” at what he likes to call a “plug-n-play” performance. “I got the honor of playing this thing last year,” McCollum said. “Just the chance to get up there and play your songs that people are requesting on the radio is a privilege.”

KOKE FM also brought us a coveted experience with Tyler Childers. Childers hasn’t played the Lone Star State a lot, so catching him here was definitely a treat! “It’s already different than my last experience because there’s people here,” Childers told TMP. “Above all, I’m extremely thankful to y’all for being so kind to my music. I’m glad Texas has been listening, and I hope to see more of y’all.”

Overall, the KOKE FM Rooftop Showcase was a unique and relaxed venture. With a soft breeze, cold brews, and great music, SXSW did well keeping country music alive and thriving.

Author: Taylor Ashlynn

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